Lee Chan-won is suffering from the purple underwear jinx.
Lee Chan-won is suffering from the purple underwear jinx.
Professor Park Ji-seon, a psychological expert, analyzed the psychology of Hong Jin-kyung, Jang Seong-gyu, and Lee Chan-won through a 'surprise camera' during a preliminary meeting with the production team of 'Hankeotchai'.

The production team of T-Cast E Channel's 'One Little Difference: Psychomentary (hereinafter referred to as 'One Little Difference') faked the real story of the three MCs Hong Jin-kyung, Jang Seong-gyu, and Lee Chan-won as if it were the story of an acquaintance of the PD, and captured the scene of them consulting with Professor Ji-seon Park with a 'surprise camera'. I put it in. Professor Park Ji-seon, who had no idea that it was a real anecdote about the three MCs, analyzed the hidden psychology of the three MCs with sharp expert analysis and '200% sincere' storm reactions, providing 'big fun'.

The stock investment episode of Jang Seong-gyu, who lost all of his parents' money in stocks while he was in college and lost a large sum of 20 million won by pressing the wrong sell and buy buttons, has been revealed. Nevertheless, regarding Jang Seong-gyu, who has not yet been able to give up his attachment to stocks, Park Ji-sun chose 'impulsiveness' and 'recklessness' as keywords, and pointed out that he is "a person who does what he wants to do at every moment." He said, “There is a difference between recklessness and boldness. If you make the most of this recklessness, you could become a huge hit.”

Park Ji-sun was shocked by Hong Jin-kyung's episode of viciously pursuing her husband during their relationship. When asked about Hong Jin-kyung, who came to her husband's group dinner and waited while eating in a corner, Park Ji-sun was surprised and asked, "Where can there be someone like that?" He asked the production crew a concerned question, “Did you ask if you could come, and were you scared?” and concluded, “If the other person is scared, it’s stalking.”

Regarding Lee Chan-won's jinx of having to wear purple underwear every important day, he pointed out that 'anxiety' is the core of his obsession. Park Ji-seon gave a keen analysis, saying, “They are hiding their great anxiety with superficial anxiety called jinx,” and “Anxiety about things beyond their control, such as voting.” This surprised everyone as it fit exactly with the case of Lee Chan-won, a star from 'Mr. Trot' where voting plays a big role. Regarding this, Park Ji-sun recommended, "Anxiety can happen to anyone. We need to talk a lot."

Ji-seon Park was suddenly embarrassed when the main character of this episode was revealed to be none other than Chan-won Lee. Previously, Ji-sun Park confessed that her mother was Chan-won Lee's 'big fan' and said, "I decided to appear on the show out of filial piety." Regarding Lee Chan-won's 'purple underwear jinx', Park Ji-sun expressed her concern, saying, "My mom really likes Lee Chan-won, so she must be heartbroken. I think she'll go buy purple underwear."

Park Ji-sun also provided expert opinions on recent psychological trends. Regarding 'passive aggression', which is discreetly harassing the other person, she explained, "This type of behavior involves knowing that a message has arrived, but making the person wait for hours or days and then saying that they were too busy to respond or that they forgot." He pointed out that while ‘psychopath’ has been a popular keyword for the past 10 years, there has been a recent shift towards ‘narcissism’. Park Ji-sun said, “There are not many psychopaths around us, but narcissists are close to us, at work, school, etc. It is very important to understand narcissism.”

T-Cast E Channel's original 'A Little Difference', which will be aired for the first time at 8:40 pm on the 28th, is a program about 'human nature' that separates 'the driving force of success' from 'perverse desire'. It tells the story that your life can be completely turned upside down in a single moment, depending on how you utilize the 'human nature' that we all have, and provides tips on how to utilize that nature. Professor Park Ji-seon and three MCs Hong Jin-kyung, Jang Seong-gyu, and Lee Chan-won are present.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google