Song Joong-ki and Katy couple, pouring out beautiful stories
Song Joong-ki and Katy couple, pouring out beautiful stories
Jo Han-cheol, Yoon Byeong-hee, and Lim Cheol-soo enter a friendship battle with Song Joong-ki.

In the JTBC entertainment show 'Actor's Club' broadcast today (13th), naturalist Jo Han-cheol's naturalistic camping will be held. While having a great time with Yoon Byeong-hee and Lim Cheol-soo, who co-starred in the drama 'Vincenzo', he is expected to show off his friendship with Song Joong-ki out of nowhere, sparking a fire and raising interest.

On this day's broadcast, Jo Han-cheol goes camping in nature and shows himself as a 'professional camper'. Jo Han-cheol, who has to carry his luggage alone to reach the camping spot by crossing an overpass and climbing a hill, loads his luggage on a wagon as if he were stacking blocks. As Jang Do-yeon continued to carry a lot of luggage, she couldn't hide her surprise and said, "At this rate, it's just a 32-pyeong move," arousing curiosity.

Also, Jo Han-cheol's 'fatherly power' adds to the fun. While transporting the luggage, the audio was filled with various shouts and cheers, and while setting up the tent alone, he continued talking to himself, making the neighborhood association members who were watching burst into laughter. In addition, he shows off the aspect of a 'camping person' by pitching a large tent by himself without any problems.

Attention is also focused on the pleasant chemistry between Yoon Byeong-hee and Lim Cheol-soo, who came at the invitation of Jo Han-cheol. Above all, when Lim Cheol-soo mentioned the coffee machine he received from Song Joong-ki as a moving gift, Jo Han-cheol responded by boasting without compromise, saying that he had received olive oil as a gift from Song Joong-ki's wife. In addition, we can see that the friendship between the ‘Vincenzo’ team is still close.

The three also have honest conversations about their lives as actors and acting. It contains a variety of stories, including the story of how Jo Han-cheol started camping to save money on lodging during a time when local filming was frequent, the image of Jo Han-cheol that Lim Cheol-soo remembers intensely as “he was so sexy,” and the passion for acting that brought Kim Seon-young to tears.

‘Actors’ Association’ will be broadcast at 10:30 pm on this day.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google