‘My father’s funeral’ Yang Kim says, “I feel so sad.”
‘My father’s funeral’ Yang Kim says, “I feel so sad.”
'Active King of Singers' TOP 10 Jeon Yu-jin, Park Hye-shin, Mai Jin, Yoon Soo-hyun, Kim Da-hyun, Byulsarang, Lin, Kang Hye-yeon, Kim Yang, and Maria will reveal the painful stories they have not been able to tell through the final finals on the night of the 13th (today).

MBN's entertainment show 'Active King of Singers' is a survival entertainment show that selects the top 7 national trot singers to appear in the 'Korea-Japan King of Singers' held in March. In the final episode of 'Active Singer', which will be aired at 10 PM on the 13th, the long-awaited 2nd round 'Active Singer' mission will be held in which the TOP 10 'Active Singer' who reached the finals will compete in the final competition with a single song that represents the life of an active singer. .

In relation to this, the 10 active players honestly confess their painful stories and pain by sharing the reason why they chose the 'Song of Active Players' before performing on the final stage of the finals. First, Park Hye-shin recalled the time when she was unknown for 15 years and went to countless event venues, but was ignored by audience members who did not know her name properly, and said, “I gained real fans after ‘King of Singers.’ “When I go to the event and see people cheering for Park Hye-shin, it feels like a dream,” she said, shedding tears of great emotion.

Maijin, who caused everyone's concern by not being able to sing properly due to the tears flowing from her practice of the last song, said, "At the moment when I wanted to give up on singing after living in obscurity for 10 years, I heard this song and started singing again." He expresses his wish to be healed by singing this song completely on ‘Active King of Singer’. In particular, Joo Hyun-mi's throat was so tight that she could not speak properly after My Jin's performance, and even Yoon Myeong-seon and Daesung, who were watching this, were in tears, making the scene solemn.

Yoon Soo-hyun said, “After dreaming of becoming a singer, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. “When I was a trainee, I looked for ways to make money, studied for qualifications, and worked from an academy teacher to a CS instructor, to a tarot card part-time job, to a chorus part-time job,” he said, surprising everyone. Kang Hye-yeon also made everyone's noses wrinkle when she said sincerely, "When I saw the last statement from my time in the girl group, the debt was over 100 million won per person," and "I feel most sorry for my parents when I was an idol."

Lin responded to the harsh gaze from some people while competing for the title of ‘Active Singer King’ by saying, “Why are you here? “I’ve heard a lot of people say I’m too selfish,” he said. “At that moment, what about my dream? What do I like? Who am I as a singer? “I thought,” he says, crying. He then burst into tears, saying, “I think that if I am sincere, I will reach somewhere.”

Lastly, the heartbreaking story of Miss Kim, who lost her father a day before the finals of ‘King of Singers’, is also told. Yang Kim said, “My father had cancer surgery last year, and it has metastasized. “To me, he is a superman and a hero, but it’s so heartbreaking to see him become so small and sore,” he said. “When it comes to ‘King of Singers,’ he looks at me with his eyes wide open. “I want to show you more of me singing on stage,” she said, shedding tears. After much deliberation, Ms. Kim has decided to appear on the live broadcast for the last time, and is expected to leave a lasting impression by selecting the song that her father hummed most often during his lifetime.

The production team said, “At the end of a hectic three-month journey, only the final final remains. “The production team and the participants are more overwhelmed than ever,” he said. “The warm voices of encouragement and support from viewers will be the greatest strength to everyone.” “The ‘real-time text voting’, which takes place at the same time as the broadcast begins, is the most important variable in determining the results, so we ask for your interest until the end.”

The final episode of ‘Active King of Singer’ will be broadcast at 10 PM on the 13th.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google