“Packed 442.1 billion won” Lee Jae-myung ♥ Kim Hye-kyung, were they publicly sniped by ‘Murderer?’
“Packed 442.1 billion won” Lee Jae-myung ♥ Kim Hye-kyung, were they publicly sniped by ‘Murderer?’
Netflix's new drama 'Murderer's Conundrum' was embroiled in controversy. This is because a character reminiscent of Lee Jae-myeong, leader of the Democratic Party of Korea, appears.

Recently, suspicions have spread in online communities that the chairman of a construction company who was imprisoned on corruption charges in 'Murderer' reminds him of CEO Lee. Controversial Chairman Hyung Jeong-guk appears in episode 7 of the drama as the CEO of a construction company that engages in corruption. The hairstyle with the white hair pulled back and the appearance of wearing glasses were similar to those of CEO Lee.

Netizens raised suspicions that the scene where Chairman Hyung, who is incarcerated, eating outside food in the reception room, a scene that was not in the original, and the prisoner number were also related to CEO Lee. The menu that Chairman Hyung eats is sushi, and this is the food that Chairman Lee's wife, Mrs. Kim Hye-kyung, delivered to his home when she was suspected of misappropriating a corporate card.

Also, the prisoner number engraved on the left side of the chairman's prison uniform is '4421'. In relation to this, the netizen who linked the title of a daily newspaper article titled ‘Jeil Construction to implement 6 blocks in Daejang-dong, pocketing KRW 442.1 billion’ added, “I wonder if it was intentional or not.”

Netflix called the content "unfounded" and said, "The character of Chairman Hyung in the drama has nothing to do with any specific person."

'Murderer', which was released on the 9th, is a crime thriller that deals with the process of an ordinary man gradually transforming into a murderer after accidentally committing murder. It is based on a webtoon of the same name and stars Choi Woo-sik and Son Seok-gu.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google