Park Na-rae, nauseous while filming
Park Na-rae, nauseous while filming
Park Na-rae and Miri-ru burst into laughter with their sense of entertainment.

In SBS' 'Large Survival - Mukchippa' (hereinafter referred to as Mukchippa), which aired on the 11th, Park Na-rae and Miru Miru showed off their unstoppable passion and witty remarks.

On this day, Na-rae Park and Miri-ru had a fierce competition in the Big Jjoljjol game, where Jjoljjol had to wear Jjoljjol clothes first to win. Park Na-rae, with her small size, squeezed Mirage's left leg into the jjoljolgi, and although Mirgiru wore the jjoljjol, she showed her passion for the success of the mission by holding on with her teeth to close the zipper for the last time.

In the end, Park Na-rae, whose stamina was exhausted after being hit by Mirage, fell to the floor. The sight of Park Na-rae gagging immediately brought laughter to those watching.

And the mission to find a shake with real chicken breast continued. Mirage contains only healthy ingredients and makes a tasteless shake delicious. The mirage “fits the mouth.” “I want to fry it in canola oil like pancakes,” he said.

On this day, which was a beginner's special, Kim Jong-kook, a foodie, joined as a special guest. As soon as Park Na-rae saw Kim Jong-guk, she said, “The Grim Reaper has come,” and “Capsaicin oppa,” and was frightened by the appearance of the muscular Kim Jong-guk.

Na-rae Park and Miri-ru, who failed their mission and could not eat the chicken set, seriously immersed themselves in Kim Jong-guk and Ra Seon-wook's mukbang. They expressed their hunger by saying things like “Please, seasoning, something red!” and “I’m about to get a headache.”

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google