Controversy over Cho Young-nam’s abusive language, what is La Poem’s crime?
Controversy over Cho Young-nam’s abusive language, what is La Poem’s crime?
La Poem, who follows in the footsteps of Cho Young-nam, a pioneer of the crossover genre, gained added meaning by winning, but it was disappointing that the meaning of the win faded due to Cho Young-nam's slip of the tongue.

Episode 644 of KBS2's 'Immortal Songs', which aired on the 10th, featured 'Artist Cho Young-nam's episode.' Dong-ha Jeong, DK, Young-ki, High Key, and La Poem took the stage one after another and breathed new life into Cho Young-nam's famous song.

Before the actual competition, Cho Young-nam went on stage and performed a special performance. Cho Young-nam presented a healing stage that people of all ages and genders could sympathize with through an arrangement that exquisitely combined 'Arirang' and 'Amazing Grace'.

Jeong Dong-ha was named as the main character of the first stage. Jeong Dong-ha, who selected 'You and I', performed a duet with fellow musical actor Seo Beom-seok. The two people's beautiful ensemble, neither too much nor too little, brought smiles. The two people's attractive vocals shined in harmony. Choi Jeong-won, who gave a standing ovation at the end of the performance, said about this performance, “It deserves the most trophies. He said, “It showed a tremendous ensemble,” and La Poem Choi Seong-hoon said, “At first, it felt like espresso, but as the chords poured out, it reminded me of a glass of whiskey at the end.” Regarding this stage, Jo Young-nam said, “Friends these days are really ingenious. How can something change so drastically? “I like it because it has changed a lot,” he said.

DK, who inherited the baton, took the stage for the second time with ‘I Can’t Live Without Love’. DK, who continued singing comfortably and sweetly, left a lasting impression with his terrifying high notes and long breathing at the climax. It was an impressive stage with comfortable stage management combined with amazing skills. In addition, his sweet and comfortable voice stood out. La Poem Yoo Chae-hoon said, “When I sing high notes, I have a strong head voice. It's about 9th gear. “I was really surprised by the mozzarella cheese vocalization at the end.”

When Jo Young-nam was asked about his evaluation of this song, he asked Shin Dong-yup about his impressions, and Shin Dong-yup commented, “DK’s unique strength is that he performed it in his own style without feeling anxious at all from the high notes that made him anxious.” Cho Young-nam, who heard this, laughed and said, “Me too.” In the battle between Jeong Dong-ha and DK, the winner was DK. DK advanced to the second round with more votes than Jeong Dong-ha.

In this process, Jo Young-nam said about 'I Can't Live Without Love', "People said this song 'doesn't suit you'. I failed at love and got divorced twice. Every time I sing this song, I feel like I've gone too far in love." He said, “I don’t think you have the right to sing,” and made a rude remark to Shin Dong-yeop, “Try getting a divorce.”

In response, Shin Dong-yeop responded flexibly, saying, "You can't ask a junior who is living well to get a divorce. Whenever I have a hard time, I will keep my senior's words in mind and say, 'I will never divorce,' and live a prosperous and happy life."

Youngki then took the stage for the third time with ‘Goodbye City’. Youngki set up a cheerful and enjoyable stage by using a variety of props such as Saemaeul Movement costumes and band panels. In particular, the ending performance where the pickaxe dance was followed by being dragged by a wheelchair was a highlight. Jo Young-nam’s impersonation part also made the audience laugh. Jeong Seon-ah said, “It was so good. He said, “He is an all-round entertainer,” and Mongni and Lee In-kyung said, “I learned a lot from watching Gaesu’s ideas.” Jeong Dong-ha said, “It seems like he has great skill and is a genius to bring out so many elements.”

Jo Young-nam said of Young-ki’s performance, “I enjoyed watching it. The decisive thing is the scene where they are carried away in the last carriage. It was excellent. “It was like watching a scene from a musical,” he said with a laugh. DK beat Young-gi and won two games in a row, heading to the third round.

Haiki was named as the main character of the fourth stage. Highkey, who selected 'Hwagae Market', showed off his refreshing vocals along with a performance with bright and refreshing energy. The stage, which had no EDM electronic sounds and was decorated with the pure voices of the members, was pure and fresh. The members’ unique charm filled the stage. La Poem Jeong Min-seong said, “I think I know why I became an uncle’s fan,” Choi Seong-hoon said, “It looked like clear water, but when I drank it, it turned out to be carbonated water,” and Choi Jeong-won said, “Today’s High-Key stage was strawberry. It was red and pretty, but when I cut it, it was white. “He had sesame seeds, and that seemed like talent,” he said with a smile.

Jo Young-nam said, “After watching High Key, I realized that it is okay for an idol to sing ‘Hwagae Market’. I started thinking about composing music and the thought of retiring disappeared. “You did so well,” he encouraged. DK defeated Heiki and succeeded in winning 3 times in a row. There is only one win left until the championship.

La Poem was selected for the final stage. La Poem sang 'Delilah', and the vocals of each of the four members stood out at the forefront, while the beautiful and powerful harmonies exuded charm. The magnificent arrangement and stage management were reminiscent of an opera. Regarding this stage, Choi Jeong-won said, “It’s a foul. Don’t those four people all have different weapons? “He’s so good, but he does it every time, so it’s disgusting.” Kim Ki-tae said, “I was like a fish out of water. “This song is the most perfect fit out of all the songs you’ve ever done,” he said, adding, “I wish crossovers would compete with each other.”

Regarding La Poem, Cho Young-nam said, “If changes are repeated several times, it usually becomes uninteresting musically. “But this team was so good that it wasn’t boring at all,” he praised. La Poem stopped DK's 4-game winning streak and achieved 1 win, taking home the championship trophy. Cho Young-nam presented La Poem with a trophy and a congratulatory message.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google