Lee Jae-won reveals the wife he met at a nightclub
Lee Jae-won reveals the wife he met at a nightclub
The warm and humane daily life of actor Lee Jae-won, who is in his 17th year, was revealed.

In the 285th episode of MBC's entertainment show 'Point of Omniscient Interfere' (hereinafter referred to as 'Point of Omniscient Interfere'), which aired on the 10th, the scene of a reverse tribute fan meeting prepared by actor Lee Jae-won for fans who have supported him for a long time, and comedian Lee Sang-jun, who came to visit Lee Guk-ju's dumpling factory, A special meeting between 'Trend of Trends' Kim Hae-jun and Na Bo-ram was depicted.

On this day's broadcast, actor Lee Jae-won's day was revealed with his acceptance speech for the Sensible Acting Award. As if to prove what his manager said, Jaewon Lee's hobby changed from exercising to raising children, as soon as he woke up early in the morning, he started preparing the children's morning snacks and going to school. Everyone was surprised by Go Soo, a housekeeper who was sincere in doing various household chores, from laundry to dishwashing.

Lee Jae-won, who is 14 years older than his manager, told the manager, who said they had been dating for over a month, his love story with his wife, whom he married after 9 years of dating. Lee Jae-won, who has been in a relationship with his wife for 9 years, said, "We went on a blind date, and my wife came to me in the dark, holding the hand of a man in a suit. My wife was so dazzled that I couldn't remember the waiter's name. I fell in love at that moment." “He said, revealing that they met at a nightclub.

In response, Yang Se-hyung said, "There are many people who meet at nightclubs and live well. Yoo Se-yoon is a representative example," and Lee Jae-won added, "People always say that they live well even when they meet at nightclubs. That's not a bad thing."

On this day, Jaewon Lee prepared a tribute fan meeting for the fans who have been with him for over ten years. He headed to his favorite pub to hold a small fan meeting, and at the fan meeting site, the fans that Lee Jae-won had previously mentioned in his acceptance speech at the Drama Awards appeared one by one. In front of such fans, Jaewon Lee made a grand appearance singing DJ DOC's 'street life' song, recalling fans' memories.

While the atmosphere of the fan meeting was heating up with heartwarming stories being exchanged, Jaewon Lee personally made and brought a cake with a trophy motif to share the joy of winning his first award with fans. In particular, the venue was filled with a variety of gifts, including personalized letters that fans loved, making everyone cry. Fans also responded to Lee Jae-won's love with letters and script pouches, and the touching fan meeting scene raised the eyebrows of those watching.

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