Nam Bo-ra, pregnant before marriage, tracks down Uee and her prospective father-in-law
Nam Bo-ra, pregnant before marriage, tracks down Uee and her prospective father-in-law
Yui announced that she would join hands with her soon-to-be sister-in-law Nam Bo-ra to find her father, Namgyeong-eup, who left home 25 years ago.

In the last episode of KBS2's weekend drama 'Hyoshim's Life, Each Life', a storm raged at Hyosim's (Uee) house. Mi-rim (Nam Bo-ra), who is pregnant with Hyo-jun's (Seol Jeong-hwan) child, turns the family upside down, saying she must find her husband, who left home 25 years ago. Mirim still couldn't understand Seon-sun (Yoon Mira), who held a fake ancestral rite for her father, who she didn't even know was alive or dead, whenever her children were upset. Instead of repeating the situation where the children would run to her in despair every time, and Seon-sun would wail and lash out at her children, I thought that the problem should be resolved fundamentally.

In fact, Hyosim and her brothers also had a reason for tolerating their mother Seon-sun's 'show'. To find her father, she did everything she could to find her father, and Seon-sun even visited a shaman who was said to be brave and performed a ritual. But every time, the result was a failure, and each time, Seon-sun's heart was hurt. The children thought it would be better for Seon-sun to release her resentment by holding a fake ancestral rite, so they watched this silently.

However, Mirim, who had nothing to say, insisted on finding her father, saying, "The wound in the family's chest is festering and bleeding, and you don't even think about cutting it out or solving it, but just patch it up with a temporary solution." She put this into action. He mobilized his lawyer connections, visited a detective specializing in disappearance investigations, and searched for the whereabouts of his filial father, Lee Chu-ryeon.

And it seems that this power of action has come in response. The preview video released ahead of the broadcast included a scene where Mirim obtained a photo of 'Lee Chu-ryeon' (Namkyung-eup), saying, "This is a recent photo of my father, mother." Seon-sun, who shed tears while looking at a photo of her husband, who has aged 25 years later, also seems to have changed her mind about opposing the decision, saying, “Tell him to find your father.”

The still cut released together shows Hyosim and Mirim looking for Hyosimbu. Anticipation is rising as to whether the two people, who seem to be looking closely at a certain neighborhood based on clues obtained by talented lawyer Mirim, will be able to find their father, of whom there has been no news for 25 years.

The production team said, “Hyo-shim begins to search for her father with her future sister-in-law, Mirim. This is because Mirim, who had requested an investigation from the missing persons team, has now secured significant clues as well as a photo of Hyosim's father. “Please look forward to whether he will find his father ‘Lee Chu-ryeon’, who disappeared after running away from home 25 years ago, and what story is hidden behind him.”

Episode 41 of ‘Hyosim, Everyone’s Life’ will be aired today (11th) at 7:55 PM.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google