'Miss Trot 3' Yang Seo-yoon → Bang Seo-hee appeals for poor condition
'Miss Trot 3' Yang Seo-yoon → Bang Seo-hee appeals for poor condition
TV CHOSUN 'Miss Trot 3' Seo-yoon Yang, Ga-yeon Cheon, Bing-soo Su, and Seo-hee Bang appear as 'Tronamine C'.

The 8th episode of 'Miss Trot 3', which will be aired today (8th), will feature a 4th round team medley and a true swords queen match where the fate of the team is at stake.

In the last 7th episode, 'Eugenes (Oh Yu-jin, Yeom Yu-ri, Kim Na-yul, Yoo Soo-hyun)' 'Bong Minute (Yoon Seo-ryeong, Na-young, Hwayeon, Kwak Ji-eun)' and 'Bok Dream Girls (Bok Ji-eun, Lee Ha-rin, Miss Kim, Bin Ye-seo)' )' and took first place in the master score, the stages of the two teams that are still hidden are revealed.

In 'Miss Trot 3', the scores of the audience evaluation panel are added up starting from the 4th round. It is a difficult mission to capture the hearts of the audience who are more fearful than the tiger master. First of all, 'Tronamine C', led by Yang Seo-yoon, who was reborn as a trot star in 'The Glory Her', Cheon Ga-yeon of 'cider high note', 'icon of hard work' and 1.3 million creator Soo Bing-su, and 'Daughter of Jeongeup' Bang Seo-hee, came together. do. 'Tronamine C' is raising expectations as it is reported that Kim Yeon-woo, the 'god of vocals', took pride in his special Spartan training for a long time.

Kim Yeon-woo is said to have put all his sincerity into the performance of ‘Tronamine C’ by not only visiting the practice room but also the rehearsal site the day before the contest. However, Kim Yeon-woo's worries deepen as the 'Tronamine C' team members face a crisis due to unexpected poor health. Above all, attention is drawn to the heavenly high note Cheon Ga-yeon's three-stage high note that causes goosebumps.

Along with 'Tronamine C', the stage of the vocal Avengers team 'Bongkerbell' will also be revealed. The 3rd round Jin and 'First Sight Voice' Jeong Seo-ju are the leaders, along with the 'Luxury Talent Package' Kim So-yeon, the 1st round Jin and 'Breaking Human Cultural Heritage' Bae Bae-hyeon and 'Eardrum Girlfriend' Jeong Seul.

Amidst a fireworks competition that is unpredictable, a stage that Boom, who has a keen interest in the birth of stars as the master of all seasons of 'Miss & Mr. Trot', praises as the best stage of all time comes. Here is not the end. The second round queen match will take place to overturn the score of the first round team medley contest. The tension is set to explode in the thin ice battle of the queens, who give everything they have for the survival of their teammates.

Episode 8 of ‘Miss Trot 3’ will be aired at 10 PM on this day.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google