Jeon Hyun-moo is enraged while recording, “take out the microphone and leave”
Jeon Hyun-moo is enraged while recording, “take out the microphone and leave”
MBC's pilot entertainment program 'Weekly Appetite Lab What to Eat Lab (hereinafter 'What to Eat Lab')' analyzed 'Tanghulu', which conquered the snack world, and 'Pork Belly', the soul food of Koreans, as its first research topic.

MBC's entertainment show 'What to Eat Lab', which first aired on the 7th, talks about popular foods such as 'Why do I eat this?' It was held as a 'Weekend Menu Recommendation' corner for people who are wondering what to eat on the weekend.

Jeon Hyun-moo, a researcher at the weekly taste research institute 'What to Eat Lab', Seoul National University professor Moon Jeong-hoon, science communicator Orbit, writer Park Sang-young, and chef Lee Won-il recently began research on 'Tanghulu', which Koreans are crazy about for its sweet and crunchy taste. On this day's broadcast, it attracted attention by providing a detailed explanation of Tanghulu, from its origins to the truth about its sugar content. In particular, analyzing the sweetness of Tanghulu, he said, “Even the fetus likes its mother’s amniotic fluid when it is sweet. The scientific fact that “humans are instinctively attracted to sweet tastes” added to the interest.

In particular, Tanghulu attracted attention as it was introduced as having surpassed the undisputed number one, Tteokbokki, in the search volume category. When Orbit raised suspicion, saying, "Isn't that a typo included?" Jeon Hyun-moo responded, "This is really the worst. If you ask me about something like that, what should I do? Take out the microphone and leave."

Also, when Orbit said, "The name is also meaningful. It will become popular as Maratang Tanghulu Rooibos Tea," Jeon Hyun-moo declared, "I will send you out for 10 minutes."

Next, in the 'Weekend Menu Recommendation' corner, experts in each field generously shared their knowledge on the topic of 'pork belly', the most popular food during the Lunar New Year holidays. In particular, all of the cast members were surprised to learn that Samsung Group built a large-scale pig farm at Yongin Natural Farm (currently Everland), laying the foundation for the popularization of pork belly.

Afterwards, the debate over 'which kind of pork belly tastes best' took place over the grill, and researchers' hidden 'samgyeopsal restaurants' were revealed one after another. In particular, 'Mukbang Fairy' Chuu attracted attention by revealing 'a restaurant that made me love cold ginseng, which I normally disliked.' In addition, experts in each field also shared their ‘own tips for eating pork belly deliciously.’ Among them, Chef Lee Won-il selected 'Grandma's Anchovy Ssamjang' and passed down the 'Ssamjang recipe' that has been passed down for three generations. He revealed that unlike regular ssamjang, he uses chopped anchovies as a special secret, and held an impromptu tasting party, creating a lively atmosphere.

'What to Eat Lab', which will be aired on the 14th, asks 'Why do you eat this?' Through this corner, we delve into the K-food frozen gimbap, which is enjoying global popularity. In the following broadcast, the researchers' secret recipe will be revealed as well as the fantastic Tiki Taka of the cast, including Jeon Hyun-moo and Orbit's bickering 'Infinite Orbit' chemistry.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google