Drama ‘Wedding Impossible’ actor Moon Sang-min, eyes full of confidence
Drama ‘Wedding Impossible’ actor Moon Sang-min, eyes full of confidence
Actor Moon Sang-min will perform 'Do It Mine' on tvN's 'Wedding Impossible'.

'Wedding Impossible' depicts the unrivaled romantic mission of unknown actress Na-jeong (Jeon Jong-seo), who decides to fake marry her boyfriend in order to become the first main character in her life, and Lee Ji-han (Moon Sang-min), her prospective brother-in-law who desperately opposes this marriage. The drama is based on the popular web novel of the same name.

In the play, Moon Sang-min plays the role of Lee Ji-han, a third-generation chaebol. Lee Ji-han, a third-generation chaebol with a handsome appearance, natural intelligence, and inherited wealth, works as a regular employee while hiding his identity. Lee Ji-han, who went up on stage, danced with confident eyes.

Moon Sang-min said, "I think it went well during practice, but when filming, it was very difficult because I had to pay attention to dancing, singing, and even facial expressions. I felt that the singers were really great. There were actors on stage with me at the scene. "He danced so well. Watching him, I became greedy and worked harder. It was a different and enjoyable experience from acting."

The production team said, "The song Jihan is dancing to in this scene is Infinite's 'Be Mine', and it will be a moment when viewers will be surprised to see if actor Moon Sang-min has this kind of side to him."

tvN's Monday-Tuesday drama 'Wedding Impossible' will premiere at 8:50 PM on the 26th as a follow-up to 'Marry My Husband'.

Reporter Ha-neul Lee, Ten Asia greenworld@tenasia.co.kr translated by google