Oh Yoon-ah's developmentally disabled son weighs over 100kg
Oh Yoon-ah's developmentally disabled son weighs over 100kg
Actress Oh Yoon-ah revealed the hardships of raising a developmentally disabled son and the reason she moved to a single-family home.

The SBS entertainment show 'Strong Heart VS', which aired on the 6th, featured the 'Shining Solo' special, with actors Bae Jong-ok, Oh Yoon-ah, Lee Ho-cheol, model Song Hae-na, and SBS Plus and ENA's 'I'm Solo' 10th member Jeong Sook and Choi Myeong-eun appearing as guests.

On this day, Oh Yoon-ah revealed that her son Min was so thin that he suffered from malnutrition when he was young. He said, "When I was 5 years old, I only ate things like caramel, gum, and yogurt, and didn't eat rice. I was once hospitalized due to malnutrition."

When asked about the reason for the change in her constitution, Oh Yoon-ah said, "It was when I started going to school. They gave me snacks like pizza and chicken. From the moment I ate something delicious, my appetite exploded. I became addicted to rice," and "I used to be very thin. "I steamed it and went to a meat restaurant and always fed it with rice. I still eat meat and rice together. I wonder how much I can eat. I'm 18 years old now and I weigh over 100kg," he said.
Oh Yoon-ah's developmentally disabled son weighs over 100kg
Oh Yoon-ah's developmentally disabled son weighs over 100kg
Oh Yoon-ah also honestly confessed the difficulties of raising a developmentally disabled son alone. He said, "We lived separately for a long time, and I couldn't divorce because I had to raise Min. I lived quietly while working."

He continued, "The most difficult thing was that my child liked to go on trips, but he envied the fathers who played with him until he was in the 4th or 5th grade of elementary school. So whenever he goes to a swimming pool, I have to be next to him. If not, he grabs other guys' bodies and throws balls at him. “I was stuck asking for it,” he recalled.

Oh Yoon-ah confessed, "I did the part that the father had to do, so even though I did my best, it seemed like there was definitely a big empty spot for the child. It was difficult because of that feeling of sorry."

Regarding the reason for moving to a single-family home, "The child didn't do anything harsh and just made a 'woo-woo' sound. When the woman heard the sound, she hid behind her. My mother said, 'It's because my child is sick. I'm sorry,' and suddenly he moved. “They said, ‘Why are you raising a sick child here?’” he said.

Oh Yoon-ah added, "I moved to a single-family home and am now raising my children freely. At the time, there were inconveniences because of such things."

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google