Kim Dae-ho, who was contemplating his future, was given a decision by his father.
Kim Dae-ho, who was contemplating his future, was given a decision by his father.
Choi Ki-hwan shows confidence in the ‘Home Introduction’ program.

MBC's 'Where is my home' aired on the 8th. In 'Where is my home', announcer-turned-broadcasters Son Beom-soo and Choi Ki-hwan and announcer Kim Dae-ho set out to find a house for the weekend.

On this day's broadcast, a family looking for a weekend home appears as a client. The client, who has a busy daily life, confesses that he cannot properly watch his child grow up due to going to work early in the morning and returning home late at night. The client, who said that the only time she has time to spend with her child is on the weekends, reveals that the family of three coincidentally is looking for a weekend house with a friend's family. The desired area was Gyeonggi-do or Gangwon-do, where people could feel nature, and they hoped for a yard for children. He stated that the number of rooms does not matter, and that the budget can be up to 200 million won for a family of three.

Kim Dae-ho, representing Team Deok, heads to Seojong-myeon, Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do. Kim Dae-ho, who said that Yangpyeong is his hometown, says, “Yangpyeong is close to Seoul, so it is convenient to travel to and from, and there are Hwangsunwon Literature Village, Botanical Garden, and Dumulmeori nearby.” He then boasts that nearby there is a cockle restaurant recognized by BTS V and a hangover soup restaurant frequented by Jeon Hyun-moo.

Kim Dae-ho said, “My father was the head of Gaegun-myeon, Yangpyeong-gun. He was reappointed,” and immediately connected his father by phone. When I asked my father, who is proud of his wit, “What should I do this year?”, he responded, “Sit down at MBC!”, making everyone laugh.

Deok Team's property is a studio-style house. The high ceiling of the spacious living room adds to the sense of openness, and the 'ㄱ' shaped large window allows for a refreshing view of the mountains. All three families were able to camp in the spacious backyard, and there was even a separate fire pit zone.

Dae-ho Kim discovers a snow-covered road and lies down on the floor to enjoy the experience of all five senses. Son Beom-soo said, "This kind of behavior is possible even if you are single. If married people do it, it looks obscene(?)," causing laughter.

Choi Ki-hwan of the Bok team will be dispatched to Seomyeon, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do. Before viewing the property, he drew attention by saying, "I have been running a house introduction program at S Headquarters for 5 years. In house introductions, I am Yoo Jae-seok of the announcer world."

Bok Team's property is said to be a townhouse with more than 75 households, featuring a European-style house and a spacious lawn yard. Choi Ki-hwan, who was looking inside the house, said, "I served as the picnic committee chairman for 10 years during the S headquarters," and carefully checked the surroundings to see if there were any risk factors.

The search for a weekend house worth 200 million won will be aired on MBC's 'Where is my home' at 10 p.m. on the 8th.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google