Kim Yeon-ji shed a storm of tears... “I was comforted by Lee Eun-mi’s expression”
Kim Yeon-ji shed a storm of tears... “I was comforted by Lee Eun-mi’s expression”
Singer Kim Yeon-ji completed a sorrowful performance with her appealing voice in ‘Immortal Song’.

Kim Yeon-ji appeared on the 'Artist God Girl Group Golden Girls' episode of KBS 2TV's entertainment program 'Immortal Songs', which aired on the 3rd.

On this day, Kim Yeon-ji was called first in the second part with an introduction by MC Shin Dong-yeop, who called her a “unrivaled vocalist.” Kim Yeon-ji, who previously won the King of Singers with Lee Eun-mi's song, expressed her determination, saying, "I want to sing in front of my senior today and receive feedback. I prepared it with care as a gift to my senior."

Kim Yeon-ji appeared nervous before performing 'I Have a Lover', but once she started singing, she dominated the stage with her strong singing ability and unique, appealing voice. Kim Yeon-ji increased immersion with her delicate yet powerful singing skills and drew admiration with a highly complete stage full of sorrow.

After finishing singing with all her might, Kim Yeon-ji shed tears backstage. Kim Yeon-ji said, "Actually, I had a hard time preparing. 'I Have a Lover' is such a famous song that I wanted to sing it better." She expressed her respect for Lee Eun-mi and her earnest desire for the song, creating a moving atmosphere.

Eun-mi Lee highly praised Kim Yeon-ji's performance, saying, "I thought she would only express it lyrically, but I was very surprised to see the diverse potential of Kim Yeon-ji's vocals toward the end." Insooni did not hold back in his praise, saying, "When he sang, he was completely immersed in it. It felt like he put meaning into each and every lyric. I was so happy because I thought, 'You can express this song in that way.'"

When Shin Dong-yeop mentioned the tears, Kim Yeon-ji said, "I was comforted by the expression on my face that my senior said he did a good job. I think I created a stage where I poured out earnestly for the first time in a long time."

Meanwhile, Kim Yeon-ji debuted with the vocal group See Ya in 2006 and has been showing a wide spectrum of music as a solo artist. In particular, he has been selected as the number one vocalist for various music projects such as 'Gwihogam Project', 'Room Corner Casting', and 'King of Singers Returning to School Project', proving his irreplaceable singing ability.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google