Ha Jun and Go Joo Won were not cousins, but full brothers.
Ha Jun and Go Joo Won were not cousins, but full brothers.
Ha Jun and Go Joo Won were not cousins, but full brothers. The viewer rating for The Secret of an Unexpected Birth was 22.1% nationwide, breaking its own record.

In the 39th episode of KBS2's weekend drama 'Hyosim, Each Life', which aired on the 4th, as the conflict between Tae-ho (Ha Jun) and Tae-min (Go Joo-won) intensified, Myung-hee (Jung Young-sook), "the beginning of everything," came forward. Myeong-hee, who seemed to know something, visited her son Jin-beom (Kim Gyu-cheol) and asked him the truth about the Daegwallyeong fall death, saying, “Tae-ho’s father, why did your brother Jun-beom kill you?” The reason Myunghee remained quiet even after being locked in the villa for three years was because of her eldest son, Jin Beom. Even though he knew that he had abandoned himself to cover up for his wife Sook-hyang's (Lee Hwi-hyang) fault, he endured it because he was his son.

However, when I saw the poor grandchildren blaming and blaming each other due to the mistakes of the adults, I could no longer remain silent. When Tae-min fought Tae-ho to protect Sook-hyang and the real criminal, he did not have the honor of seeing his second son and his wife, who passed away before him. So, I told the real culprit to turn himself in without hurting anyone anymore since I had the black box video of the accident as evidence. Otherwise, there was a warning that they would go to the police station with video evidence. Jinbeom, who was constantly trembling with fear at Myunghee's appearance, eventually collapsed from shock.

The real criminal, who was in a daze, kept repeating, “I didn’t kill him.” However, in response to Taemin’s request for the truth, he admitted, “Actually, I followed him to kill him.” And then the flashback scene continued. The true culprit, who lost his temper in anger in the middle of the night, is seen getting into a car and going somewhere despite Sook-hyang's dissuasion, and with his cries of "But I didn't kill him," the truth about that day falls further into the labyrinth.

The more this happened, the deeper the conflict between Tae-ho and Tae-min became. Tae-ho did not give up on his intention to sue his eldest mother, Sook-hyang, for breach of trust and embezzlement and to request that his uncle be reinvestigated as the main suspect in the Daegwallyeong accident. Eventually, the prosecution's investigation into them began, and a summons investigation also arrived. Tae-ho, who was increasingly strangling the two people, planned to go until the end. It was because I was more resentful of them because they were family, and so I couldn't forgive them any more.

Taemin also grew more angry at Taeho, who was destroying his family. Then he went to Myeonghee and asked for help. It was because Tae-ho touched on the Daegwallyeong incident and my father had a seizure, so I was worried that something would happen tonight. But Myunghee couldn't help Taemin. Despite repeated persuasion, Myeong-hee continued to say, “Tae-ho is family, but he is not as important as my parents,” and a shocking truth came out of Myeong-hee’s mouth. In the end, “Don’t do that to Taeho. Taeho is your real younger brother. He revealed the secret of his birth, saying, “You two are brothers.”

Among them, Hyosim (Yui) also had to suffer because of her family. Because of her second brother, Hyo-jun (Seol Jeong-hwan), Hyo-shim had to give up a lot of things. I dropped out of the school I was attending because my older brother wanted to go to an expensive law school, and after that, I worked hard at the gym to support him. However, what came back was not a certificate of passing the bar, but news of a premarital pregnancy. There was no way to hide my vain feelings, and my feelings of filial piety were even more painful and difficult because they were family.

‘Hyosim, Everyone’s Life’ will be broadcast at 7:55 PM, 10 minutes earlier, from February 10th.

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