Song Da-hye, will she leave her 'lover of 13 years' Seo Dong-jin and meet a male catfish?
Song Da-hye, will she leave her 'lover of 13 years' Seo Dong-jin and meet a male catfish?
<Transit Love 3> is continuing its unstoppable box office craze, ranking first among TV originals in the number of paid subscribers for three weeks in a row. In episodes 7 and 8, which were released last week, Matthew Seok, a member of the group 'ZEROBASEONE', appeared as a guest. Matthew Seok, who said, “I am a fan of Gwangtae,” revealed the atmosphere of the studio by showing off his flirting skills that are as good as Gwangtae’s.

In episode 7, the male cast members' X chat room became a hot topic. First, Gwangtae, who nominated Seo-kyung as his date, entered the chat room and asked X questions about Seo-kyung's charms and memorable dates. As X, who was not pleased with this situation, continued to reply with checks, a message saying that another chatter had appeared added to the confusion. His identity is Hwihyeon, who has been watching their chat from the beginning. But it didn't end here. Even Dong-jin joined the chat, revealing that all male cast members except X had named Seo-kyung as their date. As a result, the first ‘3:1

In episode 8, on the 6th day of moving in, a second official date was held, nominated by male cast members. Joo-won and Yoo-jeong, who visited Hongdae, went through a perfect date course ranging from customized couple shoes to restaurants that target their common tastes, and expressed sweet excitement by openly expressing their feelings for each other, such as “Do you seem like a couple?” and “I thought we would be a good match.” reported. Continuing the atmosphere, the two moved to a restaurant located in the mountains. Yoo-jeong expressed her disappointment at Joo-won, who did not notice the first text she sent and misunderstood, saying, "I thought it was the PD," but conveyed her firm feelings, saying, "I don't think I will change," raising expectations for the birth of a new transit couple.

This evening, the cast of <Transit Love 3> went to the location indicated in the invitations for 'Girls Night' and 'Boys Night' and enjoyed the party. While there was a strange nervousness in the 'Boys Night' scene due to the aftermath of last night's X Chat Room, 'Girls Night' was filled with honest and friendly conversations. At this time, a new male contestant, Chang-jin, appeared and changed the mood. Da-hye, who felt her first impression of him as “similar to X,” showed interest in someone other than

Lastly, the ages of all ten cast members were revealed, attracting attention. While interest is focused on how age will play a role among the residents who have become closer to each other, Changjin singles out Dahye as his first date, raising the dopamine levels of those watching by recreating the famous “See you tomorrow” scene from Season 2.

TVING's original <Transit Love 3>, which recharges users' dopamine with the appearance of a new resident and a premonition of the birth of a transit couple, is released exclusively on TVING every Friday at 12 p.m.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google