Hwang Kwang-hee was jealous of ZE:A member Im Si-wan.
Hwang Kwang-hee was jealous of ZE:A member Im Si-wan.
Hwang Kwang-hee explodes with jealousy towards his best friend Im Si-wan, who appears in the global popular drama 'Squid Game 2'.

In 'I Am Ground', a show about making friends around the world through K-games that will be aired simultaneously on Channel S and ENA channels on the 6th, Lee Sang-yeop, Hwang Kwang-hee, Kim Min-gyu, and Son Dong-pyo will go on a romantic journey in 'Rhodes', Greece, their second travel destination.

Following the 'Heungik Ingan' foursome's journey to find gaming friends, the dazzling blue sea and the charm of 'Rhodes', a small island in southeastern Greece where the history of medieval Europe is still alive, catch the eye.

The four couldn't help but be delighted when they heard familiar Korean names from British travelers they met by chance at a restaurant. In response to Lee Sang-yeop's question, "Have you ever seen a Korean?" the British tourists were the first to shout out the name of "Son Heung-min," saying, "I've only seen him on TV." Lee Sang-yeop was proud, saying, “Son Heung-min is really promoting Korea.” They said, “As ‘K-pop’ singers, they know BTS and ‘Gangnam Style,’” making us realize once again the status of Korean culture that has spread around the world.

British travelers showed off their true fans, saying, "'Squid Game' is really popular in the UK. I'm waiting for 'Squid Game 2'." Then Hwang Kwang-hee exploded with jealousy, saying, "There is a member in the same group as me who appears in 'Squid Game 2'. My stomach hurts so much that I can't sleep." However, he said, "That friend's name is Im Si-wan. Please remember him," and revealed his deep affection for Im Si-wan, creating a warm feeling.

Episode 3 of 'I Am Ground', which stimulates curiosity about what kind of gaming friends the four 'Heungik Humans', united by pride and jealousy (?), will meet in Rhodes, a medieval city embracing the emerald Mediterranean Sea, will air on the 6th at 8:30 pm. It will be aired simultaneously on S and ENA.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr
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