Solar “A song that even Mamamoo avoids”
Solar “A song that even Mamamoo avoids”
Mnet's 'Build Up: Vocal Boy Group Survival' continues the famous song relay stage.

In Mnet's 'Build Up: Vocal Boy Group Survival' (hereinafter referred to as 'Build Up'), which airs today (2nd), all remaining stages of the first round 'PRE-4 (Free Four) Mission' will be unveiled. As a result, the identities of the top 10 members from each team who received the most votes from the judges will also be revealed.

In the first broadcast, the participants entered the 'Free for Mission', where they formed a four-member group for the first time and performed on one stage. Previously, they completed fantastic harmony with songs such as Big Bang's 'IF YOU', Sung Si-kyung's 'All Your Moments', and Brown Eyes' 'Don't Go, Don't Go'. Expectations are high on what kind of stages will appear with the remaining mission songs, which are composed of gems that cross genres, such as Park Hyo-shin's 'Breath', Crush's 'Beautiful', Mamamoo's 'Decalcomanie', and New Jeans' 'Ditto'.

Judge Solar expressed her joy after discovering Mamamoo's song among the mission songs. Solar said, “(‘Decalcomanie’) is a song that even Mamamoo avoids,” and is said to have sent a look of support and anticipation to the participants who chose a song that even the original composer found difficult. Accordingly, it is curious whether the participants will be able to show off their skills to the fullest in front of the original singer, Solar.

After completing the first mission, the participants will form a 'duet', which will be the start of full-scale four-member team building. Before forming a duet, each team's top tier must nominate one of its team members to be the lowest tier, 'low tier'. With the added rule that you cannot refuse when a participant of a higher level than you suggests forming a duet, curiosity grows as to what kind of member composition will be completed.

'Build Up: Vocal Boy Group Survival' will be broadcast simultaneously on Mnet and tvN at 10:10 pm today (2nd).

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter
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