Minho Jang unveils luxury NEW house
Minho Jang unveils luxury NEW house
Min-ho Jang said, “I got greedy” after seeing Chan-won Lee’s winning prize.

Trot gentleman Jang Min-ho appeared as a chef for the first time in about 4 years on KBS2's 'New Release Edition (hereinafter referred to as 'Pyeon Restaurant')' broadcast on the 2nd. Minho Jang revealed not only his newly moved house but also his noticeably improved cooking skills compared to four years ago. Above all, the results of the health check-up that made my heart sink and the changes in my daily life as a result were revealed.

On this day, Jang Min-ho introduced himself as “a late-comer chef and a gentleman in the kitchen.” He also revealed that he focuses on cooking and eating himself to maintain his health despite his busy schedule. Chef Lee Yeon-bok, who has been paying attention to Min-ho Jang's cooking DNA for four years, said, "He has sharp hands and good sense."

In the VCR released, Jang Min-ho returned home late at night after finishing his busy schedule. This is the NEW house that Jang Min-ho recently moved into, and the kitchen, which is as good as a restaurant, stole the eye. Jang Min-ho, who became interested in cooking and paid attention to the kitchen when he moved, chose cup ramen as a late-night snack to relieve his hunger. However, it was surprising that he revealed a tip to prevent your face from swelling the next day as much as you eat late at night. It was ‘milk meat ramen (beef noodle)’, which was cup ramen wrapped in marble and poured with boiled milk.

The next day was Jang Min-ho’s first day off in three months. Minho Jang filled the empty refrigerator with bottled water and made edgy kkosomi fried rice with nuts in 5 minutes. I also made steamed cheese kimchi in 3 minutes by adding bean sprouts, various seasonings, ripe kimchi, remaining brisket, and cheese. The combined time for both dishes was only 8 minutes. Watching Jang Min-ho cook without any special measurements, everyone stuck out their tongues and said, “He is a hidden cooking genius.”

After enjoying the meal, Jang Min-ho went out to the park and jogged. Jang Min-ho has been doing aerobic exercise lately. Minho Jang said, “I recently had my first health checkup, and the numbers were not good.” Jang Min-ho, who had been relying on his health and letting his guard down, said that he brought all his values back to normal through exercise within a month. The reason Jang Min-ho cooked so hard was also for his health.

Jang Min-ho, who received warm greetings from fans throughout his jogging, headed to a supermarket near his house to buy groceries. Here too, many residents welcomed Jang Min-ho warmly. Min-ho Jang discovered products released by 'Pyeon Restaurant' while buying ingredients for Mala Xianggu, which he really wanted to make. In particular, what caught his attention was his close friend Lee Chan-won's winning prize. Minho Jang made everyone laugh by saying, "I have to buy Chanwon's stuff. Seeing that made me greedy too."

After returning home, Jang Min-ho completed the super-simple and super-fast Mala Xiangguo. Tomato sauce and whipped cream were added and upgraded to MZ's favorite rosé Mara Xianggu. Jang Min-ho, who was satisfied with his cooking, took a photo of the mala xianggu he made and posted it on his fan cafe to communicate with his fans. It was Jang Min-ho's super simple and super fast recipe that many young children could easily follow.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google