Ryu Dam's Wife Shin Yu-jeong "I Thought My Life Was Ending When I Divorced"
Ryu Dam's Wife Shin Yu-jeong "I Thought My Life Was Ending When I Divorced"
Shin Yoo-jeong sheds hot tears while having a 'confidential conversation' with her mother.

In the 4th episode of MBN's entertainment show 'Decided to Divorce at least once', which will be aired on the 4th, Shin Yu-jeong, who has entered into a virtual divorce with Ryu Dam, will be able to escape from raising children for a long time and go on a 'mother-daughter date' with her mother.

On this day, Shin Yoo-jeong sleeps in at her parents' house, dresses up as nicely as she can, and goes out with her mother. The two take a walk around Yeonnam-dong and stop by a selfie studio to create warm memories. Then, they go into a restaurant and have a drink. Shin Yoo-jeong brings up the hurt of her past, saying, “Actually, when I first got divorced, I thought my life was over.” Shin Yu-jeong's mother expresses her affectionate feelings for her daughter, saying, "If you were in Korea and not in the U.S. at that time, I would have gone to see you somehow."

After an outing with her mother, Shin Yu-jeong said in an interview with the production crew, “I really enjoyed the time I spent with my mother today, but I don’t know why I’m crying,” and shed tears. MC Oh Yoon-ah and lawyer Yang So-young, who were watching this in the studio, sympathized with Shin Yu-jeong's words and shed tears. Hyejeong Lee said, “I don’t go to my parents’ house even if my husband upsets me. “I once went to see my mom after a big fight, and she was so heartbroken,” he said, turning the studio into a “sea of tears.” On the other hand, Ryu Dam is said to be struggling to raise twins alone for the first time after marriage, so attention is focused on what kind of change of heart Ryu Dam and Shin Yu-jeong will experience after their virtual divorce.

Producer Yoon Se-young of ‘Decision to Divorce at least once’ said, “The intention is not to hide the couple’s problems and concerns, but rather to reveal them through virtual divorce and seek solutions together. In fact, through life after virtual divorce, the three families said that it was a good experience as they objectively observed each other's problems and felt the realistic weight of divorce. “Through the lives of these three couples after their virtual divorce, you will paradoxically be able to feel the importance of family.”

'Decided to divorce at least once' where the full-fledged 'virtual divorce' life of Ryu Dam and Shin Yu-jeong, 'married for 4 years', Lee Hye-jeong and Go Min-hwan, 'married for 45 years', and Jeong Dae-se and Myung Seo-hyun, 'married for 10 years' unfolds 4 The episode will be broadcast at 9:30 pm on the 4th.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google