The reason for Lee Ji-ah’s divorce was because of her husband’s betrayal.
The reason for Lee Ji-ah’s divorce was because of her husband’s betrayal.
Actress Lee Ji-ah gets kicked in the foot by her trusted husband, Oh Min-seok.

In JTBC's new Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Awesome Fixer', which will be aired for the first time on the 31st, the terrible relationship between X couple Kim Sara (played by Lee Ji-ah) and Noh Yul-seong (played by Oh Min-seok), who will become the enemies of Cheolcheon overnight, is arousing interest.

Sara Kim and Yulseong Noh were the heir couple who would be responsible for the future of Korea's top law firm. Noh Yul-seong, the second generation Cha-yul, was attracted to the cool and confident attitude of Sara Kim, a former intern at Chayul Law Firm, and after much effort, he ended up marrying Sara-ra Kim.

Sarah Kim was never intimidated or concerned about what others thought, but marriage was a slightly different area for her as well. After meeting his father and seeing his mother, who had suffered all her life, he became convinced that marriage was a reality, and chose Noh Yul-seong.

Although they were married with different desires and purposes, bright and positive Kim Sara and gentle yet capable Noh Yul-seong attracted many people's attention as a seemingly perfect couple.

Then one day, Sa-ra Kim was betrayed by the husband she trusted, and not only did she become a divorcee and an ex-convict overnight, but her child was also taken away from her. Sa-ra Kim, who lost everything after being caught in the terrifying clutches of Noh Yul-seong, who could even abandon his wife for his own self-interest, faces a life that has changed 180 degrees from her enviable past.

Kim Sa-ra, who has ended her marriage that was heading towards catastrophe and is entering the second act of her life, aims her sword at Noh Yul-seong, who has now revealed her true colors. Kim Sa-ra, who had been unilaterally trampled on, acted as a divorce resolver who punished vicious spouses, and foreshadowed refreshing punishment for Noh Yul-seong, who was her vicious spouse.

Above all, as the people who should trust and rely on each other the most become separated from each other, the dramatic temperature difference as well as the increasingly intertwined relationships will add to the excitement. The bloody war of nerves between two people bound by a rare evil relationship is stimulating curiosity about what direction it will take.

The wrong encounter between the fearless former wife Lee Ji-ah and the greedy former husband Oh Min-seok will unfold in 'The Awesome Fixer', which will be aired for the first time at 8:50 pm on the 31st.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google