EXO Xiumin, romance with WJSN Exy
EXO Xiumin, romance with WJSN Exy
EXO's Xiumin and Chu So-jung (WJSN's Exy) have confirmed their appearances in the drama 'Huh Restaurant' produced by WhyNot Media.

On the 29th, Whynot Media reported this news. 'Heo's Restaurant' is a fantasy romance comedy drama about the story of Heo Gyun, a troubled figure from the Joseon Dynasty, who moves to modern times 400 years later and unintentionally runs a restaurant. It is based on the web novel of the same name by author Jeon Seon-young.

Xiumin (EXO) plays the role of Heo Gyun, a self-proclaimed genius with amazing writing skills and excellent aesthetic sense. Heo Gyun is a character who knows very well what he is good at and is overflowing with curiosity about everything, asking questions like a child. He is sent into exile by those who criticize him, and upon hearing the news that his seven friends have been accused of treason, he flees the place of exile. Assassins appear in front of him, raising expectations for the future of Heo Gyun, who suddenly ends up in Yuldo Province while on the verge of death.

Choo So-jeong plays the role of Eun-sil, the daughter of a wealthy family with no signboard. Eun-sil, who is a fierce realist, believes that selling alum, like her mother, is nothing but a waste of money. He is a K-tempered character who cannot tolerate injustice and gets angry and has to keep facts out of his mouth. One day, Heo Gyun, a homeless man who appears in front of Baekban's house, is treated as a thorn in his eyes and will show a chemistry of hatred that transcends the times.

Lee Se-on and Lee Soo-min each play two roles, portraying characters from the past and modern times. Lee Se-on plays the role of Lee I-cheom, a goal-oriented person who doesn't mind any means to achieve what he wants; Lee Hyeok, a graduate of a world-renowned culinary school and the youngest Korean food master to win the title; Lee Soo-min plays the role of Mae-chang and a child actor with a beautiful appearance and the temperament of an outstanding entertainer. She appears as an actress and takes on the role of Jeong Mi-sol, a CF star who has appeared in Korean commercials but has a secret.

The production team said, "'Heo's Restaurant' will provide great entertainment as Heo Gyun, who accidentally time-slips to modern times, adapts to modern life." “Please look forward to the chemistry between Lee Se-on and Lee Soo-min.”

‘Heo’s Restaurant’ is scheduled to air in 2024. It is co-produced by Why Not Media, Hakuhodo DY Music & Pictures Co., Ltd., and Corpus Japan Co., Ltd.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google