Lee Hanee took off her mask and revealed her face.
Lee Hanee took off her mask and revealed her face.
Lee Ha-nui of ‘Knight Flower’ revealed her face directly in front of Lee Jong-won.

In the 6th episode of MBC's Friday-Saturday drama 'Knight Flower', which aired on the 27th, the existence of Jo Yeo-hwa's (played by Lee Hanee) missing brother was revealed, and at the same time, the truth about the death of Yeom Heung-jip (played by Kim Hyeong-mook) began to be revealed. With each episode, the viewership ratings are increasing. The 6th broadcast recorded 12.5% in both the metropolitan area and nationwide according to Nielsen Korea, a viewership rating research company, once again exceeding its highest viewership rating. In particular, the 'Untold Story' scene, where Yeo-hwa and So-woon talk 'day and night', rose to 14.7%, recording the highest viewership rating at the moment. The 2049 viewership rating, a key indicator of channel competitiveness, also stood at 3.5%, ranking first among TV programs in the same time slot that are fiercely competing with new dramas starting.

In the last broadcast, while digging into the truth about the death of Inspector General Yeom Heung-jip, the mystery hidden in 'Flower Petals' surfaced. The conversation between Yeo-hwa's heartbreaking heart, who has believed that her brother is alive for 15 years, and her father-in-law Seok Ji-seong (played by Kim Sang-joong), who understands her feelings, evoked sadness in the viewers. However, behind the scenes, the past narrative of Ji-seong ordering Yeo-hwa's brother to be killed was depicted, causing a shock.

Park Soo-ho (played by Lee Jong-won), who learned that the flower petals that came out of the branch were poisonous, went to visit Oh Nan-kyung (played by Seo Yi-sook). When Su-ho asked about the tea that Yeom Heung-jip drank before his death, Nan-kyung held the hem of her skirt tightly and her eyes wavered for a moment and she looked very nervous. In particular, the dramatic tension reached its peak as it was revealed in the conversation between Nan-kyung and Kang Pil-jik (Cho Jae-yoon) that Nan-kyung was involved in the death of Yeom Heung-jip.

Yeo-hwa sets out to save Yong-deok (Lee Kang-min), who is at risk of being beheaded. Yeo-hwa, who went to Pocheong where Yong-deok was imprisoned, gave him medicine in a small gourd. After taking the medicine, Yong-deok started vomiting and had diarrhea and was thrown out by the police. At this point, Yeo-hwa and Hwal-yu (played by Lee Woo-je) took action to rescue Yong-deok, and just then Su-ho appeared, leading to a cat-and-mouse chase between Yeo-hwa and Su-ho. During the chase, Su-ho shouted, “Stop, ma’am!”, and Yeo-hwa was embarrassed by Su-ho’s words and actions as if he knew her identity. Moreover, when Su-ho became angry and worried about Yeo-hwa's safety, Yeo-hwa also said, "Are you worried about me now?" A strange atmosphere flowed between the two.

At the end of the broadcast, Yeohwa's true identity was revealed, causing tension. Along with the fact that Yeo-hwa is a family member of Jo Seong-hu, who disappeared at the time of the late king's death, Yeo-hwa revealed her face in front of Su-ho.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google