Seongryeong Kim “I never exercised until I was 40”
Seongryeong Kim “I never exercised until I was 40”
Actor Kim Seong-ryeong causes an earthquake in Song Eun-i and Kim Sook's pupils with his sarcastic comments about self-management.

In MBN's 'Life Story in a Bag - Talkback' (hereinafter referred to as 'Talkback'), which will be broadcast on the 26th, the story of Kim Seong-ryeong, the king of self-management, will be told.

On this day, MCs Song Eun-i and Kim Sook visit an exercise center to meet actor Kim Seong-ryeong, who is called the 'Queen of Management'. Those who met Kim Seong-ryeong, who is working out hard, experience the 'Gyrotonic', which is popular among actresses these days, but unlike Kim Seong-ryeong, who has elegant movements, she pours out all kinds of songs and fills the scene with laughter.

Then, the three people who sat down on one side of the center began a full-fledged bag-busting talk. At this time, Kim Seong-ryeong said something unexpected, “Actually, I never exercised until I was 40,” making everyone’s ears perk up.

Kim Seong-ryeong, who started exercising after giving birth to her second child, said, “I didn’t like my voice when I was acting. “My vocalization was small, but I thought it was because I had no strength in my abdomen, so I decided to exercise,” she said, revealing her extraordinary passion for acting, and revealing various care tips that had never been revealed anywhere and various beauty items containing her own philosophy, making the 2MC’s eyes widen. make it

Kim Seong-ryung caused an earthquake in 2MC's pupils by sending a sharp comment to commenters who said, 'If you want to be like Kim Seong-ryeong, this life is wrong', saying, "If this life doesn't work, the next life won't work either." However, in response to Kim Seong-ryeong's subsequent explanation, he nods his head and agrees, "It's a good realization," raising questions about the inside story of Kim Seong-ryeong's story, which aroused both confusion and admiration from 2MC.

Kim Seong-ryeong's real story hidden behind her flashy appearance can be found on 'Talkback' at 9:10 pm on this day.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google