“It’s so absurd I can’t even speak” Kim Ho-jung, Kenya, hit by the worst drought
“It’s so absurd I can’t even speak” Kim Ho-jung, Kenya, hit by the worst drought
Singer Kim Ho-joong visited Turkana, Kenya, which is facing a climate crisis, and delivered warm hope.

tvN's 'Light of Hope, Blue Lighting' premiered at 7:30 pm on the 24th. ‘Light of Hope, Blue Lighting’ is a campaign program designed to help all children around the world find hope once again. In the first broadcast, Kim Ho-joong arrived in Turkana, Kenya, after a flight of about 18 hours, and set off on a journey of hope for children.

Kim Ho-jung, who saw the dry land of the Turkana region facing the worst drought, said, “I am speechless because it is so absurd. “There is no trace of water,” he said in shock. In a land that was said to have been a river just two years ago, Kim Ho-jung realized for himself the reality of the climate crisis, unable to hide his sense of futility.

Afterwards, Kim Ho-jung met the children most in need of help in the Turkana region. Regarding the situation of children naturally drinking water mixed with dirt and suspended matter from scoop holes created by digging out the river bed to obtain groundwater, Kim Ho-jung said, “I am drinking (drinking) because I want to live, to live. “These friends have no choice but to drink even though they know they will get sick,” he said, conveying the serious reality.

Soon after, Kim Ho-jung arrived at the hospital located in the city center and was once again in shock. Kim Ho-jung conveyed that more than 2 million people are malnourished or at risk of malnutrition due to the climate crisis, and lamented, “They are so small and thin that you have to be careful to even hold them.” Kim Ho-jung expressed his sincerity by saying, “I was in such a difficult environment that I thought, ‘Is there a blood vessel that a large needle can fit into?’” and “Children are innocent.”

Kim Ho-jung, who first approached the children who did not lose their smiles despite the harsh reality, met Shadrak and talked with him. In response to Shadrak's story of becoming the head of the family at the age of 12 and walking 5 hours round trip every day to get drinking water, Kim Ho-jung accompanied him through the thorny path and then played soccer together, giving him memories.

Kim Ho-jung said, “It’s not similar (to Shadrak), but I thought, ‘I can understand his heart a little.’ When I was young, it was difficult for me to tell my story. I had a lonely childhood and adolescence. “Shadrak doesn’t have an older brother, so I spent time with him with the thought, ‘(I) need to be his older brother,’” he said, revealing his true feelings. In addition, Kim Ho-jung wrote a letter saying what he wanted to say to Shadrak, saying, “My brother will definitely come back to see Shadrak. “I promise,” he promised.

Kim Ho-joong, who even gave a warm song as a gift to express his support for children’s ordinary future, said, “There is a way to drink clean water. Just 4g of drinking water purifier can purify 10L of water. “We are unable to provide sufficient support to children due to poor and insufficient support due to major international issues such as war,” he said, talking about a situation in which help is desperately needed, and encouraging everyone’s attention by pointing out that it is children who suffer the most in extreme environments. did.

Meanwhile, Kim Ho-joong plans to continue active activities such as 'Light of Hope, Blue Lighting' and classic solo shows.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter wisdomart@tenasia.co.kr translated by google