Han Ga-in was embarrassed and said, "I've never done a broadcast like this before."
Han Ga-in was embarrassed and said, "I've never done a broadcast like this before."
Han Ga-in and Bae Sung-jae are embarrassed by the appearance of the cast with their faces covered.

Veteran Air Force heroes and Andong Fire Department Chief Kim Nan-hee will visit 'Elephant Photo Studio, a Country That Remembers Heroes' (hereinafter referred to as 'Elephant Photo Studio'), which will be broadcast at 8:10 pm today (25th).

When a mysterious hero whose identity cannot be revealed appears, Han Ga-in and Bae Seong-jae are embarrassed, saying that this is the first time they have broadcasted something like this. The main characters are Major Park Seong-tae, an Air Force aerial refueling transport KC-330 pilot who is unfamiliar to the general public, and Warrant Officer Park, an Air Force CCT (process control officer) with 33 years of experience, who appeared with his face covered with a mask and bulletproof glasses because he could not reveal his identity.

CCT, an Air Force special mission unit, is known as a special unit among special units, consisting of a small number of elite personnel who have undergone high-intensity training in air traffic control and the army, navy and air force. They are the protagonists of 'Operation Promise', which was dispatched to Sudan, where security was unstable due to the civil war, in April last year and brought 28 Korean residents safely home. Then, in October, he conducted a 40-hour mission in Israel, where the war against the armed group Hamas began, and successfully completed an operation to rescue 163 Koreans and 57 Japanese and Singaporeans. We hear about the urgent moments of an overseas rescue operation from two heroes who worked together in a situation filled with gunfire and explosions.

Warrant Officer Park, an agent of the Air Force CCT, known as the 'Pioneer of Infiltration' because it is a special mission unit that is deployed first into enemy territory and clears the way, chose 'Operation Miracle' as the most memorable mission. It is said that during 'Operation Miracle', which rescued 391 special contributors in Afghanistan occupied by the Islamic militant organization Taliban in 2021, the MCs could not keep their mouths shut as they vividly heard the tense moment of confronting the Taliban with guns across the airport entrance. . Han Ga-in and Bae Seong-jae express their respect and gratitude to the heroes who risked their lives to go to the fierce battlefield, keep the 'promise' with the people as the name of the operation suggests, and showed a 'miracle' in saving precious lives.

Andong Fire Station Chief Kim Nan-hee, who became the first paramedic-turned-fire chief in the country, also visited the Elephant Photo Studio on this day. Han Ga-in was surprised by the extraordinary career of Chief Kim Nan-hee, who worked as a hospital operating room nurse and entered the fire service in 1994 as the first specially recruited 119 paramedic specialist. She swept the title of 'first' from the nation's first female 119 rescue captain to Gyeongbuk's first female fire chief. I can't help it.

Chief Kim Nan-hee chooses the 2003 Daegu subway fire as a moment she will never forget. At that time, Chief Kim Nan-hee, who rushed to provide support to the tragic scene where black smoke made it impossible to see even an inch in front of him, pledging to “save at least one person,” said that he could not help but weep for his fellow firefighters who were sent into the subway station. The reason will be revealed through today's broadcast.

She, known as a firefighting legend, tells the story of how she faced great difficulties after taking office as fire chief. Torrential rain and mountain flooding swept through Yecheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do in July last year. Chief Kim Nan-hee, who was the head of the Yecheon Fire Station at the time, said that in order to fulfill his great responsibility as a commander, he was so focused on the rescue site that he never slept more than an hour. The story of 68 days of struggling to find missing people amidst the worst disaster and heat wave is revealed.

The eighth story of ‘A Country that Remembers Heroes – Elephant Photo Studio’, a talk-mentary that remembers the beautiful and noble images of heroes who sacrifice themselves and devoted themselves to our peaceful daily lives and listens to their stories, will be held on the 25th at 8:10 PM. , will be released on Channel A.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google