Choi Gyu-ri, has a baby face and a general personality
Choi Gyu-ri, has a baby face and a general personality
“The real ‘MZ hot girl’ has appeared!”

'Marry My Husband' Choi Gyu-ri showed off her 3-level combo 'alpha energy', contrary to her lovely visuals, and played an active role as an irresistibly attractive woman.

In the tvN Monday-Tuesday drama 'Marry My Husband' (written by Shin Yu-dam, directed by Park Won-guk, Han Jin-sun, planned by Studio Dragon | produced by DK E&M), Choi Gyu-ri is a U&K Food Marketing Team 1 employee who smiles and is friendly with everyone, but firmly says that it is not the case. He plays the role and is captivating viewers with his lovely, sly acting. Above all, as proof of her explosive popularity, the number of Choi Gyu-ri's Instagram followers has surpassed 60,000, a vertical increase of about 30 times from before the broadcast of 'Marry My Husband', and she is taking steps as a rising star.

In the 7th and 8th episodes of 'Marry My Husband', which aired on the 22nd and 23rd, Yoo Hee-yeon played an active role as a preparatory member of the U&K Food fall workshop and led the marketing team's workshop to its peak.

In the play, Yoo Hee-yeon was full of dissatisfaction because she was excluded from the meal kit project prepared by the marketing team due to the decision of her superiors, but at the recommendation of Kang Ji-won (Park Min-young), who felt sorry for her, she was selected as a member of the marketing team's workshop preparation committee and ignited her passion. . Hee-yeon Yoo worked hard to make the workshop a successful one by planning clever games, such as allowing the workshop accommodations to be decided through a treasure hunt game and going into the lake to hide the treasure.

Moreover, when Yoo Hee-yeon accepted Kang Ji-won's risk of falling into the water and got the first-class camping car accommodation, she praised Kang Ji-won, saying, "He is a great person, after all." She also tried to sincerely answer Kang Ji-won's questions that she did not know what she meant. He attracted attention by taking good care of his wife. In addition, Yoo Hee-yeon not only energizes them with positive and bright energy every time she chats with Kang Ji-won and Yang Joo-ran (Gong Min-jeong), but also forms a pleasant tiki-taka with her colleagues, sometimes with a sharp speaking style and sometimes with cute charm. It raised expectations for human chemistry.

In relation to this, Choi Gyu-ri, through her role as Yoo Hee-yeon in 'Marry My Husband', drew cheers from viewers by fully exuding the charm of a vivacious 'good girl' with her courageous straight-forward instincts, refreshing behavior, and generous smile. In addition, Choi Gyu-ri made the tension of the play tense by realistically showing off the freshness of the youngest member between Park Min-young and Gong Min-jeong, as well as an honest MZ-like behavior that does not pay attention to others.

Viewers who saw this said, “I like Heeyeon because she’s really full of energy! Every time I see it, I get the energy of a tiger!”, “Choi Gyu-ri, the mask is cute and she’s good at acting. “It’s the lovely japchae!”, “Heeyeon’s voice is louder than her appearance. “She’s such a hot girl!”, “I like the scenes where Choi Gyu-ri appears because she exudes vitality that wasn’t there before! “It’s the only pure charm in the cider revenge drama”, “, It seems like it’s a cheat from ‘My Boyfriend’!”, “I’m smiling today because of Hee-yeon, who really doesn’t know where she will end up~”, “Hee-yeon is MZ herself these days”, etc. Various reactions. poured out

Meanwhile, tvN's Monday-Tuesday drama 'Marry My Husband', starring Choi Gyu-ri, airs every Monday and Tuesday at 8:50 PM.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google