Kim Ho-jung, hope for Kenyan children
Kim Ho-jung, hope for Kenyan children
Singer Kim Ho-joong visits Kenya's Turkana region, which has been hit hard by the climate crisis, through tvN's 'Light of Hope, Blue Lighting'.

'Light of Hope, Blue Lighting', which will be aired for the first time today (24th), is a campaign program designed to help all children around the world find hope once again. 'Cognitive psychologist' Professor Kyung-il Kim and MCs Seok-jun Han and Ga-in Han look at the situation of children who are in danger of survival and talk about the importance of a little attention and hope. Kim Ho-joong plans to present a warm song with his heart supporting children's ordinary future.

Kim Ho-jung arrives in Turkana, Kenya, after a flight of about 18 hours. Kim Ho-jung, who had been deep in thought while looking at the dry land of the Turkana region that could be recognized even from an airplane during the trip, cannot hide his despair after arriving at a river with only dust blowing, saying, “There is not a single trace of water.” I realized for myself the reality of the Turkana region, where water had dried up after four rainy seasons in three years.

In the Turkana region, which is experiencing not only a climate crisis but also a survival crisis, Kim Ho-jung meets children who are most in need of help. It conveys the situation in which children naturally drink water mixed with dirt and suspended matter from scoop holes dug into the river bed to obtain groundwater, and the state in which more than 2 million children, a quarter of Kenyan children, are malnourished or at risk of malnutrition. In particular, it talks about a situation in which help is desperately needed, pointing out the vicious cycle in which livestock die due to lack of drinking water, which leads to increased malnutrition among children.

In addition, the story of Shadrach, who became the head of the family at the age of 12 and walks five hours round trip every day to get drinking water, is also introduced. Professor Kyung-il Kim and MCs Seok-jun Han and Ga-in Han, who were watching Shadrock's day together, draw everyone's attention by pointing out that it is children who suffer the most in the extreme environment created by the climate crisis. In addition, we will inform you of realistic solutions being implemented by international relief organizations, such as purifiers that can purify muddy water, home-visit medical services, and eco-friendly water supply systems.

Meanwhile, Kim Ho-jung, Professor Kim Kyung-il, and Han Ga-in are said to have appeared on 'Light of Hope, Blue Lighting' by donating their talent without paying any appearance fee, hoping that small amounts of interest and help would gather great hope for children. The story of Kim Ho-joong, who visited the Turkana region in Kenya with the Korean Committee for UNICEF with a warm heart, will be revealed on tvN at 7:30 pm on this day.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google