Park Ji-hoon, jealous of another personality
Park Ji-hoon, jealous of another personality
Park Ji-hoon revealed his jealousy toward another personality.

In the 7th episode of KBS2's Monday-Tuesday drama 'Fantasy Sonata', which aired on the 23rd, the mixed relationship between Sajo Hyeon (played by Park Ji-hoon), who ascended the throne, Yeonwol (played by Hong Ye-ji), who fell in love with him, and Ak-hee (played by Park Ji-hoon), who was helplessly robbed of the woman he loved. was drawn.

Previously, Sajo Hyeon was able to safely return to the palace and ascend to the throne despite the interference of his half-brother Sajo Yung (played by Hwang Hee). He asked Yeonwol to come back to his side and remain as his concubine. However, Geumhwa (played by Jiwoo), who became the empress, said that she would demote Yeonwol to a courtier with no rank. In the end, Sajo Hyeon and Yeonwol were forced to look at each other from afar.

Sajo Hyeon, who became king and took responsibility for the great and small affairs of the country, struggled due to long-term trauma from his oppressive father, the auspicious ministers who ignored him, and Sajo Yung, who pretended to please and tried to suppress him. In addition, we learned that Ak-hee, who woke up from the Bonghamsal given by shaman Chung-ta (played by Hwang Seok-jeong), can reappear at any time. As a result, Sajo Hyeon was very distressed and could not sleep for three days, thinking that his body might be taken over by Akhee again.

Sajo Yung was suspicious of Sajo Hyeon's appearance, showing no signs of his previous spirit, and watched him even more keenly after learning that he had not gone to bed for several days. Sajo Yung, who remembered Akhui's previous promise to give him the royal seal if he secretly stole Yeonwol, glanced at Sajo Hyeon, and although Sajo Hyeon could not remember, he used his quick wit to avoid his suspicions. In addition, Sajo Hyeon, who learned that numerous eyes in the palace were watching his movements, used Jijeonseo (played by Han Eun-seong) and Neungnaegwan (played by Woo Hyeon) to disguise himself as himself and vacate his bedroom.

Yeonwol, who became a court lady, was kept in check by Geumhwa and silently overcame all kinds of persecution from other court ladies. However, after receiving unfair instructions to finish sewing in one night, she was very at a loss, and at this time, Sajo Hyeon, who had left his bed, secretly came to help Yeonwol. The two people joked around and had a friendly time for the first time in a while, and Geumhwa, who was watching their secret meeting, ground her teeth in anger and jealousy.

Sajo Hyeon harshly confronted the magistrates who tried to persuade him with sweet words, saying, "Do you think the burden is half a penny?" However, Daesangseo Jin Mu-dal (played by Kang Shin-il), who is also the king's father-in-law, began to stop him. Jin Mu-dal explicitly warned, "From now on, only listen to the words of small people. Only then will you avoid becoming like His Majesty the previous king," and Sajo Hyeon felt a suffocating pressure. He headed to a dry goods store to avoid Geumhwa, who offered to marry him, but fell asleep there while intoxicated with the incense that Chungta had secretly sent to him.

As a result, Ak-hee woke up, and his return created a breathtaking ending scene. Akhui realized that Yeonwol had fallen in love with Sajo Hyeon while he was away, and was overcome with an indescribable sense of loss and anger. After declaring, “I will marry the Empress,” he turned around and found Geumhwa’s bed. Geumhwa went one step further and started provoking him by choosing Yeonwol as the courtier to serve him. Attention is being paid to whether Ak-hee, who is obsessed with jealousy and runs wild, and Geum-hwa, who tries to take advantage of him, will face a dangerous night.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google