Brian, building a 300 pyeong country house “Construction begins in February”
Brian, building a 300 pyeong country house “Construction begins in February”
MBC's entertainment show 'Save Me!' will be aired on the 25th. In 'Holmes' (hereinafter referred to as 'Holmes'), singer Brian and actor Hong Soo-hyun set out to find a property for sale.

On this day's broadcast, five families dreaming of moving appear as clients. Currently, the client's family lives in Incheon Metropolitan City, and the father, who works in Seongsu-dong, Seoul, says it takes 4 hours for the round trip to and from work. The family said they decided to move to reduce the father's commuting time to and from work, and revealed that their desired areas were Hanam, Wirye, and Pangyo in Gyeonggi-do, where they could commute to work within an hour by car. The family hoped for a structure with three rooms and two bathrooms, and that there would be elementary and middle schools within walking distance for the children. They also hoped for a park and various convenience facilities for dogs nearby. It was revealed that the budget can be up to 1.2 billion won if it is a lease or sale within 900 million won.

Actors Hong Soo-hyun and Jang Dong-min appeared as representatives of the Bok team, while singer Brian appeared as the representative of the Deok team. At this event, Brian said, “I will soon become a homebuyer. “We are planning to build a house 7 minutes away from where we currently live, and construction is scheduled to begin in February and be completed in August,” he said, drawing attention. He continued, “I’m planning to throw a pool party after moving. “I will invite all Holmes coordinators,” he said, receiving everyone’s congratulations and envy.

In an entertainment show he previously appeared on, Brian revealed that the income he earned from live commerce over the past 2-3 years was more than the income he earned from his 25 years of activity as Fly to the Sky.

Brian, who has recently become more famous as a cleaning enthusiast, was asked, ‘Are there any homes of coordinators you would like to clean?’ “I saw Kim Dae-ho’s life on TV, and I felt that he was far from me. It feels like living on safari. “I just can’t understand spider webs.” In response, Daeho Kim said, “Spiders are beneficial insects. Don't clean it up on purpose. “I eat the soup that falls right on the floor,” Brian said, “You Nasty!!” Shout out and make people laugh.

Hong Soo-hyun, who appeared as Bok Team's coordinator, revealed that she also likes cleaning like Brian, but in different fields. He said, “While Brian hates dust, fingerprints, and germs, I focus on organizing, organizing, and throwing away. “Objects should not be placed below,” he said, drawing attention.

Hong Soo-hyun and Jang Dong-min of Team Bok and Brian of Team Deok are heading to the Pungsan district in Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do. It takes about 35 minutes to get to my father's workplace, and it is said to be an apartment for sale close to a subway station, a 2-minute walk away. It is said that elementary, middle, and high schools and large supermarkets are within walking distance.

Jang Dong-min says that the characteristic feature of this property is the cozy and cozy wood interior. In response, Brian smelled the wood and said, “It doesn’t smell like wood? “This is a film,” he points out. It is said that Jang Dong-min was surprised and shouted at Brian, “Recognize America’s Dog!”

The search for a home for a family of five dreaming of moving will be aired at 10 PM on the same day in 'Save Me!' It will be revealed in ‘Holmes’.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google