“Honestly, I’m scared when Janggu comes out” Choi Su-ho ends up losing to Park Seo-jin for the first time
“Honestly, I’m scared when Janggu comes out” Choi Su-ho ends up losing to Park Seo-jin for the first time
‘Mr. Lotto’ Park Seo-jin finally defeated Choi Su-ho.

According to Nielsen Korea, a viewership rating research company, on January 20, TV CHOSUN's 'Mr. Lotto', which aired on January 19, recorded a nationwide viewership rating of 5.7%, an increase compared to the previous week. This figure corresponds to the first place in entertainment on all channels in the same time zone and the first place in general programming and cable channels in the same time zone. In addition, it took first place among all comprehensive programs aired on January 19th. At the moment, the highest viewer rating soared to a whopping 7.2%.

'Mr. Lotto', which aired on this day, was 'Beat the Lotto and turn it over!' It was decorated as a special feature. The four people who showed a hot performance in 'Miss Trot 3' but were unfortunately eliminated came to 'Mr. Lotto' to relieve their resentment. Emotional trot prodigy Lee Soo-yeon, Shimcheong's Kim So-yeon, who crossed the line, Yang Song-hee, the world's first Hell Trotter, and Miss Korea Jo Soo-bin, who appeared as mercenaries for the Golden Knights, had a singing competition with the TOP7 without giving up an inch.

In particular, Trot prodigy Lee Su-yeon's master song, which is hard to believe that she is only 9 years old, filled the living room with tears on Friday night. Su-yeon Lee, who stood on stage as the first round runner, performed Kim Yong-im's 'Millennium Studies' with her unique explosive voice and emotion, bringing the audience to tears. 'My Father', which was introduced in 'Miss Trot 3' and created a huge buzz, was once again passionately sung, leaving a deep impression. The special performance of ‘Grandmother’ with Lee Soo-yeon and TOP7 Park Seong-on was also a highlight that could not be missed.

Meanwhile, Park Seo-jin, leader of the Golden Knights, finally won his first win against Choi Su-ho. Park Seo-jin's record against Choi Su-ho is miserable, with 7 matches, 1 draw, and 6 losses. Park Seo-jin, who said he even went to pray for the New Year's sunrise to beat Choi Su-ho, went on stage with a six-member janggu corps and showed off the majesty of a janggu god. Choi Su-ho looked very nervous and said, “Honestly, I’m scared when the janggu comes out.”

Choi Su-ho, who went first, was shocked when Hye-eun received 91 points, her lowest score ever, with her performance of 'Dawn Rain'. Park Seo-jin, who leisurely went on stage afterwards, aroused admiration by presenting a stormy janggu performance on the stage of Yoo San-seul's 'Redevelopment of Love'. The result was Park Seo-jin's victory with 96 points. Park Seo-jin cheered and enjoyed the joy of his first win.

Choi Su-ho was not the only one who was shocked by his personal low that day. TOP7 Park Ji-hyun, who competed against Golden Knights mercenary Jo Soo-bin, was devastated after receiving 90 points for Hong Jin-young's performance of 'Love is Like a Petal'. Meanwhile, Na Sang-do, who was on the same team, did not hesitate to provide support when Jo Soo-bin, Park Ji-hyun's opponent, asked to be a backup dancer, causing laughter. In the end, Jo Soo-bin defeated Park Ji-hyun and won with a whopping 99 points through Na Sang-do's 'Kokkokkok' performance.

The final victory on this day was won by the Golden Knights. The final score of both teams was 3 wins, 1 draw, and 3 losses. Accordingly, the winner was decided based on the total score, and the Golden Knights with 669 points won by defeating the TOP7 with 655 points. Will the Golden Knights be able to continue this momentum next week? TV CHOSUN's 'Mr. Lotto', where you can meet hot guests and a showdown that is more like a drama than a drama, airs every Friday at 10 PM.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google