Brian "I was shocked when I filmed with NCT 127"
Brian "I was shocked when I filmed with NCT 127"
Singer Brian expressed his thoughts after filming a YouTube video with SM junior idols.

The 93rd episode of Channel S's 'Map Again', which aired on the 18th, featured the three best natural landscapes of the world in 2024, accompanied by singer Brian along with travel partners Kim Shin-young, Lee Seok-hoon, and Choi Tae-seong. In particular, this broadcast is the third part of the 'Must-visit Travel Destinations in 2024' series that is being aired during the month of January, and reveals South Africa, Europe in Africa, the Philippines, a natural healing paradise, and Iceland, the land of ice created by God, as travel destinations.

The Philippines ranked 3rd. Siargao Island, located in the southeast of the Philippines, is also called the hidden gem of the Philippines and has been introduced as one of the world's clean resorts. The LAN trip in the Philippines highlights tourists diving in Mapupunco Rock Pool, the world's most beautiful swimming pool gifted by nature, and visitors taking the best shot of their lives at the Coconut Tree View Deck, where you can see the coconut tree grove stretching to the horizon. He gave a happy smile. In addition, it includes a kayak tour of the Masingang River, where you can enjoy a variety of activities, and a hopping tour, where you can visit several different islands and enjoy beautiful underwater scenery such as clear water and colorful coral.

Second place was South Africa. Cape Town, South Africa, boasts a European-style cityscape with a Mediterranean climate, and is the only place in Africa where you can meet wild penguins. Boulders Beach, where you can meet a flock of Jackass penguins, which means male donkey, was filled with tourists and penguins from all over the world, creating a spectacular sight. In addition, the various aspects of Cape Town and its beautiful natural scenery were vividly unfolded, arousing the viewer's interest, including Bo-Kaap Village, where the entire village was painted with colorful paint, giving off a unique atmosphere, and Camps Bay, a luxury beach resort where famous celebrities' villas are located.

The long-awaited first place was Iceland. Iceland, a country with pristine nature, presented a series of overwhelming visual feasts, presenting mysterious and majestic attractions. Spots where you can interact with great nature, including the huge and beautiful Seljalandsfoss waterfall with a height of 60m, Gliupravý Waterfall, a gem hidden in the canyon, and Fjallarglüfur Gorge, a representative attraction in Iceland that was formed 2 million years ago, will leave a lasting impression on the viewer. It left a great impression. In addition, the glacier hiking tour, where you can explore ice caves formed by melted glaciers and long narrow crevices on the surface of huge glaciers, boasted natural scenery beyond imagination.

Brian, who is known as a 'cleaning fanatic', showed off his clean-cut personality, a representative of the entertainment industry, and added a different kind of fun to the online trip. Brian said, "When I travel, I buy dozens of laundry detergents and deodorants from that country as souvenirs. I remember my trip with its unique scent," which aroused the curiosity and interest of the MCs. On the other hand, he made everyone around him burst into laughter by preaching an unstoppable travel philosophy, saying, "When you go to the beach, sand gets in between your toes. The sea water is full of dead skin cells and sweat. You should watch the sea from the outside, not go in." Brian said, "I was filming a YouTube video with SM's junior idols, and there were comments like, 'This guy was from SM?' I was so shocked that he didn't know 'Fly to the Sky'," and expressed his disappointment at the situation, sending the studio into a sea of laughter. made.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google