'Crime Scene Returns' will be released on February 9th
'Crime Scene Returns' will be released on February 9th
The mystery entertainment show 'Crime Scene Returns', which returned after 7 years, released a poster for 'The Dinner Murder Case' containing the crime scene.

The released 'Dinner Murder Case' poster shows six players invited to a dinner party at a luxurious mansion, and a corpse immediately catches the eye. Behind the police line announcing the incident, the sight of a wine glass tipped over on a table, blood-red stains, and the victim lying on top of it creates curiosity and tension. The six players and suspects dressed in suits and dresses are staring straight ahead with expressions that make it impossible to guess their intentions, raising curiosity about who among them is the culprit. The addition of the copy 'A criminal always leaves a trace' raises expectations as to what clues players will find in the 'Crime Scene' and how they will make inferences to reveal the identity of the criminal hiding within.

The 'Crime Scene' series, Korea's first role-playing mystery show, is considered to be a content that boasts a high level of completeness, with the fresh setting of everyone being a suspect and everyone being a detective, a solid story, and a huge set, earning it the title of high quality and well-made every season. . It has been recognized for its work by winning the main prize at the 'New York TV & Film Festival', one of the world's top three TV award ceremonies, the grand prize at the 'Asian Television Awards', Asia's largest TV awards ceremony, and the gold prize at the 'Houston International Film Festival', one of the three major North American film and video awards ceremonies. Producer Hyunjun Yoon, who oversaw the previous series, once again took charge of directing 'Crime Scene Returns'.

'Crime Scene Returns', which will feature a more intense detective battle with a stronger lineup from Jang Jin, Park Ji-yoon, and Jang Dong-min to Key, Joo Hyun-young, and An Yu-jin, will be released exclusively on TVING on February 9.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google