Jung Woo-sung ♥ Shin Hyun-bin completed their unchanging love
Jung Woo-sung ♥ Shin Hyun-bin completed their unchanging love
'Tell me you love me' Jung Woo-sung and Shin Hyun-bin completed their unchanging love.

In the final episode of Genie TV's original 'Tell Me You Love Me', which was released on the 16th, Cha Jin-woo (played by Jung Woo-sung) and Jeong Mo-eun (played by Shin Hyun-bin) were depicted overcoming the pain of separation and choosing each other again.

'Tell Me You Love Me' was praised as a 'precious melodrama' that was not seen in a long time as it wrote the essence of a classic melodrama. The story of Cha Jin-woo and Jeong Mo-eun, drawn with their eyes and fingertips, brought more than just excitement. At the center are definitely Jung Woo-sung and Shin Hyun-bin. With the deep acting of a melodrama master, he proved his true worth by delicately depicting the narrative of Cha Jin-woo and Jeong Mo-eun, which began by chance and were led as if by fate. The two actors' deeply emotional acting was enough to create a sense of complete immersion in the story of those who heal and grow through communication with each other.

The production team’s true value also shined. Director Kim Yun-jin, who had raised expectations for the emotional directing he demonstrated in his previous work, was different this time too. The directing, which densely and beautifully captured the process of Cha Jin-woo and Jeong Mo-eun's different worlds overlapping and the themes of 'communication' and 'understanding', was excellent. Writer Kim Min-jung's writing skills were also special, as she talked about loneliness, communication, and love with deeply different narration in each episode, touching the hearts of viewers. The performance of music director Nam Hye-seung cannot be left out. At times, music replaced the characters' language and emotions, creating a sense of immersion.

On this day, after breaking up with Cha Jin-woo, Jeong Mo-eun faced her own greed that she did not know about. From some point on, he had been hoping for something that Cha Jin-woo could not do. Yoon Jo-han, who was listening to his story, said, “I’ve been like that too. I was just a little clumsy. You and me too. So, let’s not blame ourselves too much,” he said, offering cautious consolation. Jeong Mo-eun, who realized Yoon Jo-han's true feelings inside him, instead of saying no, said, "I hope you'll be happy when you meet someone who loves you. Stop worrying about me now. Instead of answering with cheers, “Let’s spend this time well.”

Before heading to the United States, Cha Jin-woo visited his mother Go Woo-hee's (Cha Mi-kyung) hospital room. Go Woo-hee did not realize that Cha Jin-woo was her son, but instead she found in him the face of the man she loved. All Cha Jin-woo could do was shed tears. That night, Cha Jin-woo, who was drunk, became immersed in longing for Jeong Mo-eun, who had made all these miracles possible. At one point, Cha Jin-woo even called out loud, “Moeun-ah,” to the vision that appeared before his eyes. He eventually decided to go to America to forget Jeong Mo-eun. At the airport where he entered with a heavy heart, Cha Jin-woo found Jeong Mo-eun, whom he had longed to see, but the two soon diverged.

And a year passed. Cha Jin-woo, who returned to Korea after receiving a request, visited each and every familiar face, from Hong Ki-hyeon (played by Heo Jun-seok) to the students he taught at the art center. Meanwhile, Cha Jin-woo received theater tickets as a gift from students and headed to the performance hall. There, before we knew it, was Jeong Mo-eun, proudly standing as the lead actress. The play began, and the two faced each other in the same position as when Jeong Mo-eun first stood on stage. At that moment, the two recalled memories that started with the scarf. As soon as the play ended, Jeong Mo-eun ran towards Cha Jin-woo. And Cha Jin-woo was waiting for him. He then said, “Hello, my name is Cha Jin-woo. “It’s nice to see you again,” he said, greeting her like Jeong Mo-eun of someday. It was the beginning of a relationship that never ended and will continue in the future. Cha Jin-woo's confession of holding hands and repeating in his heart, "I love you, Moeun," embroidered a heart-warming happy ending and left a deep lasting impression.

Jung Woo-sung proved his reputation as an 'all-time legend' by immersing himself in the role of Cha Jin-woo, a deaf painter living in a soundless world. The detailed facial expressions added to the deep eyes beyond the spoken language were the points that drew viewers' immersion. Shin Hyun-bin attracted attention with his emotional acting that doubled the charm of the character Jeong Mo-eun. It convincingly depicts both the internal change that occurred after meeting the character Cha Jin-woo and the growth period toward the dream of becoming an actor.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google