Kim Hye-sun, confession of love between legs, "I tried everything without any reason"
Kim Hye-sun, confession of love between legs, "I tried everything without any reason"
Comedian Kim Hye-sun reveals her colorful love story, which turns out to be a flirting master. “I have never had a break from dating in Korea,” he said honestly, even coming out with both legs. She also reveals why she decided to marry her German husband (Stefan Siegel).

MBC's entertainment show 'Radio Star', which will be aired on the 17th, will feature a special feature on 'Middle Square Ma' featuring Haha, Kim Sae-rom, Kim Hye-sun, and Jo Jung-sik.

Kim Hye-sun, who is enjoying her 'first prime' after getting married and enjoying success as a broadcaster and businesswoman, appears for the first time on 'Las'. Hye-sun Kim has appeared in shows such as 'Girls Who Hit Goal', 'Gag Concert', and 'My Hometown at 6', and reveals her current status of running a jumping center with her name on it. In particular, she surprised people by saying that her husband Stephen is enjoying his prime more than she is, and that “after appearing in ‘Same Bed, Different Dreams 2,’ a fan club was formed, and boxes of banana snacks are piled up.”

Kim Hye-sun said that she once thought about retiring from the entertainment industry and said, “I look feminine, but I don’t look like that, so I only played nasty characters in ‘Gag Concert.’ “That’s why I felt disconnected and depressed,” he confesses. He retired from the entertainment industry and went to Germany to die. He made three promises to himself, including not meeting Koreans, stopping broadcasting, and not working out. I wonder what prompted him to return to Korea.

Kim Hye-sun said, “I have never taken a break from dating in Korea. “I’ve dated (with the same person) for 10 years, and I’ve tried everything, including crossing paths with one person,” he said, boasting of his brilliant dating history as a flirting master. She said she met her husband, Stefan, through a friend who worked part-time with her at a Korean restaurant. The reasons why the two decided to get married from their first meeting are all romantic and will leave a lasting impression.

Kim Hye-sun, who has been married for 7 years but is still living like a newlywed, reveals the story of her separation from her husband, a gum-scratcher, because of a 'golden girl.' It's because of Kim Hye-seon's hairstyle, who wanted to capture her character in 'Goal Girl', which has many cast members. Kim Hye-sun says, “I thought it was a joke, but I really hated it, so we stayed in separate rooms,” and Yoo Se-yoon is surprised, saying, “I thought (Stephen) would embrace everything.” When the photo was revealed, everyone understood Stefan's feelings and laughed.

Kim Hye-sun, who hates to hear people say, "Flat feet can't run," and has the courage to take first place in long-running from elementary school to high school, reveals the reason why she visited Jeong Doo-hong Action School to become a "female Kim Byeong-man." He said he had to become a stuntwoman to achieve his goal of becoming a comedian. It is said that everyone was impressed by Kim Hye-sun's story, “I passed the audition by dancing for the first time (at Action School).”

Kim Hye-sun reveals the current status of the person called ‘Bill Gates of the business’, saying, “We are operating about 30 jumping centers and have about 100 members.” He reveals his history as a backup dancer for Lee Ji-hye's 'Love Me, Love Me' and demonstrates a jumping dance. In particular, everyone was surprised by the intuition of putting a fist in the mouth and exclaimed, “This is awesome.”

Kim Hye-sun's dating history during her time as a flirtatious craftsman and the reason she decided to marry her German husband can be found on 'Radio Star', which airs at 10:30 pm on this day.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google