Baek Il-seop, who is isolated from his daughter, confesses, “I was a pants dad.”
Baek Il-seop, who is isolated from his daughter, confesses, “I was a pants dad.”
Baek Il-seop, who has been married for 9 years, took up ‘dad classes’ to restore his relationship with his daughter, whom he met again after 7 years.

In the TV CHOSUN entertainment program 'Dad and Me', which will be broadcast on the 17th, Baek Il-seop's 9-year single life and Baek Il-seop's son-in-law, who steps in to mediate between father and daughter, are revealed for the first time.

Previously, Baek Il-seop expressed his regret for his daughter, saying, "I think I'm a bad father," and added, "I haven't had any contact with my daughter for 7 years since I got married. I always had a lump in my heart, but my son-in-law helped mediate." He has confessed his awkward relationship with his wife.

Meanwhile, Baek Il-seop is raising doubts by traveling a long distance, more than an hour from home and having to pass through three toll gates, to groom his dog. When asked why, he revealed his affectionate feelings for his daughter by answering, "I purposely visit the dog grooming salon near the noodle shop that my daughter runs to see her face." Attention is focused on whether the daughter will respond to the sincerity of father Baek Il-seop, who expressed his strong will by saying, "I want to get along well with my daughter by receiving fatherly lessons through 'Dad and Me' and whether she will appear on the broadcast."

In this week's broadcast, Baek Il-seop's 'son-in-law who is like a daughter', who went out of his way to improve the relationship between father and daughter, is revealed for the first time. In a private conversation, Baek Il-seop's son-in-law confesses his family's feelings for the first time in 9 years of his high school marriage, saying, "I think your father's high school marriage was a big mistake." Baek Il-seop responded, “In hindsight, I was Baji’s father,” creating a cold atmosphere between the two. What is the resentment in Baek Il-seop's heart that has been building up for a long time, and why Baek Il-seop's son-in-law said that his graduation was a mistake, will be revealed in tonight's broadcast of 'Daddy and Me'.

As curiosity grows about whether Baek Il-seop and his son-in-law, who met again after 7 years, will be able to recover their hearts, the meeting between Baek Il-seop and his son-in-law, who exchanged honest words, can be seen in the 7th episode of 'Daddy and Me', which airs at 10 pm on the same day.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google