Drama 'LTNS' actor Ahn Jae-hong "Playing the role of Samuel? The fact that he is a person you know but don't know is attractive."
Drama 'LTNS' actor Ahn Jae-hong "Playing the role of Samuel? The fact that he is a person you know but don't know is attractive."
Actor Ahn Jae-hong of TV's original series 'LTNS' revealed the reason why he chose the work.

'LTNS' is an unpredictable and highly stimulating affair tracking drama that follows Woojin (played by Lee Som) and Samuel (played by Jaehong Ahn), a couple whose relationship has become estranged due to the sad reality, as they chase after extramarital couples in order to make money.

Actor Ahn Jae-hong played the role of Samuel, who despite his gentle exterior, lives with anger on the inside. Regarding the reason for choosing 'LTNS', Ahn Jae-hong said, "I was strongly attracted to a story that I had never seen before. I thought it would be a powerful work that blends various genres well, and the story encompasses everything from relatable everyday moments to cinematic scenes. “The scalability was amazing,” he said.

Ahn Jae-hong, who was curious about the character Samuel, said, "I felt like he was a person I knew but didn't know, and that was attractive. Rather than starting the story by showing the character all at once, I gradually got into the character's inner thoughts, like peeling back an onion layer by layer. "The way the character was approached was also interesting. Above all, I felt the combination of director Jeon Go-woon, actor Lee Som, and director Dae-hyeong Lim, who worked together on the previous work, was great," he said.

Regarding actor Lee Som, with whom he worked in 'Little Princess' and 'With a Heaving Heart', he said, "We got along so well that words were not necessary. Because we worked together before, we know each other's tendencies and acting styles well, and Lee Som said, “Thanks to the actor, I was able to fully focus on the work and the character.”

As for the attractive point of the work, he explained, "I think 'LTNS' is a variety of entertainment that directors Lim Dae-hyung and Jeon Go-woon have prepared with all their heart. I hope you enjoy the new taste that opens up a unique path."

Episodes 1 and 2 of TVING's original series 'LTNS' will be released at 12 PM on January 19th, and a total of 6 episodes will be released, with 2 episodes released every Thursday.

Reporter Ha-neul Lee, Ten Asia greenworld@tenasia.co.kr translated by google