Shin Se-kyung, excited for Jo Jung-seok
Shin Se-kyung, excited for Jo Jung-seok
Shin Se-kyung, who hides the appearance of a woman, explodes with excitement for Jo Jung-seok, who has come as if by fate.

On the 12th, tvN's new Saturday-Sunday drama 'Sejak, The Bewitched' released the trailer for episodes 1 and 2. 'Sejak, Those Bewitched' is a story about the cruel fate of King Yi-in, who holds a high position but has a lowly heart, and a woman who becomes Sejak (a spy) to bring down him.

It is a fictional historical drama based on imagination, and is attracting attention for its subject matter, 'Sejak', a spy who hides his identity and secretly finds out secrets or situations and provides information. Director Jo Nam-guk of the drama 'Model Detective' and writer Kim Seon-deok, who started the tvN well-made historical drama legend with 'The Man Who Became King', have teamed up. Jo Jung-seok (played by Lee In) and Shin Se-kyung (played by Kang Hee-soo and Kang Mong-woo) are expected to meet as the King and Sejak to depict a narrative of cruel fate.

The released trailer for episodes 1 and 2 depicts the exciting first meeting between Jo Jung-seok (played by Lee In) and Shin Se-kyung (played by Kang Hee-soo), leading prospective viewers to the path of watching the live broadcast. In particular, Shin Se-kyung feels her heart pounding when Jo Jung-seok, Prince Jinhan, comes to her as if by fate, raising expectations for the melodrama between the two to unfold in the future.

In the released trailer, Kang Hee-soo, who wears a hat and hides her identity as a woman, gains a reputation as a betting baduk player. Although he is confident in his game of Baduk and boldly says, “No one can beat me within 10 miles of the capital,” Grand Prince Jinhan, who is called a Baduk genius, is the person he longs for. Lee In, who had been enjoying a leisurely life while hiding his identity as Prince Jinhan, announces the fateful time by challenging Kang Hee-su, who was watching with curious eyes, to a baduk sparring match. In particular, in the faint atmosphere of Mongwoo, the two people exchange baduk pieces and feel the excitement of their hearts pounding as their fingertips brush. The love that blossoms in the back and forth of the Go game makes the viewer's heart flutter.

Among them, Kang Hee-soo drew attention as she could not hide her excitement after meeting Lee In, whom she admired so much, for the first time, saying, "Would you be surprised? If I reveal who I am?" Accordingly, attention is being paid to how the relationship between the two will change at the crossroads of love and revenge, from ruining Jiwoo to reuniting with the king and Sejak, who will later deceive each other.

The production team of 'Sejak, The Bewitched' said, "Jo Jung-seok and Shin Se-kyung's fateful first meeting that causes strong excitement will increase the fun in the beginning of the drama." ‘Sejak, The Bewitched’ will be aired for the first time on the 21st and will be specially organized as episodes 1 and 2 in a row.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google