'Return after 12 years' Daesung also laughed, 'Active King of Singers' confirmed to be extended for 1 episode
'Return after 12 years' Daesung also laughed, 'Active King of Singers' confirmed to be extended for 1 episode
MBN's 'King of Singers' has confirmed its extension from the originally planned 11 episodes to a total of 12 episodes.

'Active King of Singer' is attracting attention by showing a dramatic rise in viewership ratings, recording an average viewership rating of 13.9% for the 7th episode aired on the 9th, more than twice the average viewership rating of 6.8% for the first broadcast. The highest viewership rating soared to 15.2%, breaking its own highest viewership rating for six consecutive weeks and taking first place in viewership ratings including all channels on Tuesday.

After much deliberation, the production team of ‘King of Active Singers’ finally decided to extend the show by one episode in order to capture all the burning fighting spirit of active players to become representatives of ‘Trot Korea-Japan Competition.’ This is a result that takes into account the rapid increase in viewership ratings due to the enthusiasm of viewers pouring support for active duty personnel, as well as notable topical figures such as official research results and video views. The 'King of Active Singer' production team is expected to perfectly meet the heightened expectations of viewers by creating the TOP 7 who will participate in the 'Trot Korea-Japan Battle' through a more complete stage.

Master Daesung, who is receiving a positive response for his unique and delicious judgment on 'King of Active Singer', said, "This is my first official return to a regular domestic entertainment show in over 10 years, and I am personally happy and feel a sense of reward and responsibility that it has been extended by one episode." While doing this, I am also learning a lot from the passion and effort of active workers and their sincerity toward their work. He expressed his affection, saying, “Once TOP7 is born, there will also be entertainment that goes back and forth between Korea and Japan.”

MC Shin Dong-yeop said, “It’s all thanks to the ‘King of Singers’ contestants who filled every round with passion and thoroughness,” and expressed his thoughts as an entertainer, saying, “It’s like putting a snack on a table full of drinks.”

'Active King of Singer' Kim Da-hyun's performance of 'A Piece of Cloud Lying Down Long after Time', in which she shed tears in the 7th episode, showed a remarkable feat, recording 1 million views in just one day of upload. In addition, the trend of participants in the 'Public Support Voting', which is being held over a total of 6 times through Naver Now, is also rapidly rising each time, generating enthusiastic responses.

The production team of ‘King of Active Singers’ said, “The extension was possible thanks to the ever-increasing viewer ratings, viewer interest, and topicality,” adding, “Participating active singers who did not have many opportunities to appear on broadcasts were given the opportunity to sing at least one more of their songs. happy. He said, “The remaining journey will be as hot and intense as the greed of the active players in reaching the TOP 7.”

Episode 8 of ‘Active King of Singer’ will be broadcast at 9:50 pm on the 16th.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google