Ahn Hyun-mo, who divorced Rhymer, shed tears after receiving a text message from her father.
Ahn Hyun-mo, who divorced Rhymer, shed tears after receiving a text message from her father.
Ahn Hyun-mo made everyone cry by conveying her feelings after divorce and her father's heartbreaking paternal love. The 86-year-old father of Lee Seung-yeon made his debut as a senior model and received support from many people as he succeeded in making money for the first time in 50 years. The father of 'alcohol lover' Park Se-ra, who raised concerns after discovering 18 polyps, began to recover his health by undergoing polyp removal surgery.

TV Chosun's 'Dad and Me', which aired on the 10th, dominated the home screen by not only taking first place in Wednesday's comprehensive entertainment program, but also taking first place in the same time slot for six consecutive weeks. On this day's broadcast, Ahn Hyun-mo appeared as a special guest.

When asked what kind of daughter she was to her father, Ahn Hyeon-mo said, "I thought she was a daughter who always delivered good news and brought joy." He confessed, "I've never been a big disappointment before, but when something big happened this time, I was worried, 'What if I'm so disappointed?'" Ahn Hyun-mo announced the news of her divorce from Rhymer in November last year, after six years of marriage. The two divorced by agreement through divorce mediation procedures.

Ahn Hyun-mo said, “He knew my feelings even without me saying it.” Also, when I told my father the news of my divorce, my father said, "The most important thing is that you are happy. You are going to live to be 100, so you have to be happy. You have a father, right?", making his eyes tear up. Ahn Hyun-mo, who saw her father's text message, confessed, "I kept crying. From then on, all my fears disappeared."

Ahn Hyeon-mo said, “I couldn’t answer my dad’s text message,” and “I thought I didn’t know my parents’ love.” When the contents of the text message sent by Ahn Hyun-mo's father were revealed, not only the other cast members but also the staff shed tears, turning the studio into a sea of tears.
Ahn Hyun-mo, who divorced Rhymer, shed tears after receiving a text message from her father.
Ahn Hyun-mo, who divorced Rhymer, shed tears after receiving a text message from her father.
Se-ra Park's father, who found a large number of polyps in a colon examination conducted in March of last year, visited the hospital for a second removal following the first removal. Park Se-ra, who visited her father the day before surgery to accompany him to the hospital, said, "I am convinced that the polyp is caused by alcohol, so I don't think I can keep alcohol in the house anymore," and is passionate about getting rid of her father's 'alcohol collection' hidden throughout the house. Raised it. To Se-ra Park, who was adamant and said, "I'm going to get rid of alcohol," her father was the first to shout out loud, "Why are you taking alcohol with you?", and also showed his lingering regret by saying, "You can drink a little bit when you're all healed," making her laugh.

After a storm of nagging, Park Se-ra made a comeback with her sweet 'Tala-kung' look by putting on a heated eye patch and even giving her dad a hand massage to help him get a good night's sleep. But that lasted only for a moment, as Se-ra Park, who was lying down next to her father, took out her cell phone and started saying, "Getting polyps is not a light thing," and continued to nag her until she was about to fall asleep. Seeing this, Jeon Hyun-moo said, "He nags me even while I sleep," and Lee Seung-yeon also took his father's side, saying, "He even puts an eye patch on me to make me sleep early and makes it difficult for me to sleep."

The next morning, the two faced a crisis as their father's intestines did not respond despite taking a series of enema medications. Se-ra Park's father expressed his concern, saying, "Why is this like this... I heard that the signal comes even if no one else eats it." So Yi-hyeon, who was watching the video, told a funny anecdote, saying, "I don't know how much I fought in front of the bathroom in the early morning after taking an enema with my husband during a health checkup. He held me by the back of the neck and prevented me from going in, so I went in." After taking the fourth enema, Se-ra Park and her daughter went for a walk to exercise their father's bowels. However, it wasn't long before the signal finally came, and the two people became impatient and hurried home.

On the way to the hospital, when Se-ra Park said, “Aren’t you nervous?” her father showed a calm demeanor and said, “I’m not nervous. It’s nothing.” However, in a later interview, he said, "I'm scared of surgery," and confessed his inner thoughts that he had swallowed alone for fear of worrying about his daughter, which brought tears to his eyes. After arriving at the hospital, the doctor in charge said, "The last time I removed 12 polyps, 11 of them were precancerous polyps. This means that if left untreated, they will turn into cancer someday," and raised concerns by telling me the results of the previous surgery. She then went into surgery to remove the remaining six polyps, and Se-ra Park confessed her feelings at the time, saying, "I had a million thoughts about what I would do if something serious happened during the process." After the surgery was completed successfully, the doctor in charge warned about the condition of the patient's body, saying, "Even if there are more than 5 polyps, it is classified as high risk. There were a total of 18 polyps (including primary and secondary). Management is important in the future."

Seungyeon Lee set out to fulfill her father's bucket list wish of getting a wig. Lee Seung-yeon's father, who visited the wig shop, surprised everyone with his 180-degree change in appearance by trying on everything from the latest trend, 'Lim Young-woong style' to actor-style wigs called 'Kim Soo-hyun hair.' In response, exclamations poured in from the studio, such as "He seems like a different person" and "He seems like an older brother, not a father," and Seungyeon Lee exclaimed, "30 years have gone by."

Seung-yeon Lee visited a senior model academy with her father, whose confidence increased with the 'final pick' Lim Young-woong style wig. He also revealed the reason behind his decision, saying, “Last time, teacher Baek Il-seop said, ‘Your father would do well as a senior model.’” Lee Seung-yeon's father, who attracted attention with his 'super youthful' visuals that make it hard to believe that he is 86 years old, showed off his sly facial expressions and stormy ad-libs that overwhelmed even the 'original CF queen' daughter, and received rave reviews, saying, "I understand why you are Lee Seung-yeon's father."

Lee Seung-yeon's father, who proved his unexpected talent, was instantly cast as a live commerce broadcast demonstration model and made his debut as a senior model. Lee Seung-yeon, who transformed into a 'daily manager' for her father, a novice model, showed great success as a veteran manager by providing detailed care, including providing bottled water before broadcasting, checking wigs, and preparing lunch boxes. However, when the live broadcast began, Lee Seung-yeon's father, who became extremely nervous, committed a serious accident by swallowing the mouthwash and burst into laughter.

Lee Seung-yeon's father, who received modeling fees after the live broadcast of 'Ups and Downs', could not hide his bewilderment at his first income in 50 years. When Lee Seung-yeon asked, "What are you going to do with that money?" the father said, "I want to buy snacks such as fruits, sweet potatoes, and bananas that the 'mom who raised me' likes." He showed an unexpectedly friendly side and gave a warm impression to everyone. After spending time with her father, Seungyeon Lee confessed, "I feel a little more comfortable. I don't know how to explain this change in me, but it's definitely for the better," raising expectations for the future.

Next week, Baek Il-seop, who has been married for 9 years, will reveal the sad story of his daughter with whom he has lost contact for 7 years. Also, 'Fire Daughter' Park Se-ra is preparing an event for her parents' 50th wedding anniversary.

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