Kim Dong-wan admits to dating Seo Yoon-ah?
Kim Dong-wan admits to dating Seo Yoon-ah?
Group Shinhwa member Kim Dong-wan prepared a ski date for Seo Yoon-ah.

In the 97th episode of Channel A's 'Men's Life These Days - Groom's Class (hereinafter referred to as Groom's Class)', which aired on the 10th, Kim Dong-wan gave one-on-one lessons to Seo Yoon-ah, a beginner in skiing, and they went on a date, while Shin Seong went down to his home in Yesan, South Chungcheong Province to show filial piety to his parents. A figure was depicted doing so. The broadcast on this day recorded a rating of 3.2% (based on nationwide pay-TV households) according to viewership research company Nielsen Korea.

Shinsung finally found his hometown. He went to Yesan’s main house with both hands heavy. As Shin Seong bowed deeply to celebrate the year of Gapjin in 2024, his father asked, “Why did you come alone?” and looked for his partner, Park So-young. In response, my mother said, “What’s so urgent?” The father responded, “You promised last year that you would get married soon,” which embarrassed Shinsung. He then said, "If I have a daughter-in-law, I will cherish her like a daughter," and "(Park So-young's) good looks," he gave the best compliment in Chungcheong-do style (?).

When Park So-young's story came up, Shin Seong took out the gift bundle that Park So-young had sent. Park So-young brought abalone for her father, who loves seafood, and plenty of fruit for her mother. Shin Seong's father was very happy and suddenly sent a video letter, saying, "Thank you, Soyoung." On the other hand, Shin Sung looked at the Shine Muscat in the fruit basket and said, "Can't I take this? Because So-young likes it."
Kim Dong-wan admits to dating Seo Yoon-ah?
Kim Dong-wan admits to dating Seo Yoon-ah?
Meanwhile, Shin Seong's mother also confessed her difficulties due to extreme fans. Shinsung asked, “I rang the door bell earlier, but why didn’t you open the door?” The mother confessed, “People who say you are your fans come day and night and ask you to open the door.” After hearing this, the studio mentors suggested a marriage solution to Shinsung, saying, "If you get married, your fans won't go there (your hometown)."

Shin Seong worked hard, repairing a broken intercom and assembling a shelf that his mother had requested. He also made seasin stew with abalone given as a gift by Park So-young and enjoyed a hearty meal with his parents. During the meal, Shin Seong's parents mentioned Park So-young again, saying, "I think everyone around me is looking at my daughter-in-law." Shinsung also acknowledged the popularity of 'Groom Class' by saying, "When I go down to Yesan, everyone asks me if I'm marrying Park So-young," and immediately attempted to make a video call with Park So-young. As soon as Shin Seong-sung's father saw Park So-young's face, he greeted her with joy, saying, "Ah, she's pretty." Park So-young responded, “Your father is so handsome, and your mother is also beautiful.”

Kim Dong-wan met Seo Yoon-ah at a ski resort in Pyeongchang and enjoyed a date in the snow. In particular, Kim Dong-wan met Seo Yoon-ah separately in advance and presented her with ski socks. On this day, he even personally put on ski shoes for me. The two naturally walked in the snow holding hands and continued their thrilling skinship during ski lessons. However, Kim Dong-wan suddenly said, “Can I go to the advanced course for a moment and come skiing?”, shocking the studio mentors. Jang Young-ran jumped up from her seat and said, “This is really the worst,” and Seo Yoon-ah actually tripped and fell while practicing alone. At this time, a man came up and helped Seo Yoon-ah up and asked, “Are you okay? Did you come alone?”, creating tension.

Mentor Se-yoon Moon pointed out Dong-wan Kim's actions when he went skiing alone, saying, "This is the worst story. Isn't this grounds for suspension?" After a while, Kim Dong-wan must have sensed a strange current and quickly appeared, stayed by Seo Yoon-ah's side and avoided the crisis. Kim Dong-wan, who was very alert, took a gondola to the top of the mountain with Seo Yoon-ah and took pictures while looking at the beautiful scenery. As evening arrived, the two enjoyed a walk. At this time, Seo Yoon-ah said, "Thanks to my brother, I am having a happy year-end and beginning of the year," but wondered, "You go to the LP shop with someone who is not your girlfriend, and you teach me how to ski, right?" Kim Dong-wan gave a model answer, saying, “I have never done anything like that.”

Seo Yoon-ah looked at Kim Dong-wan, saying, “Then am I a special person?” Kim Dong-wan answered, “He’s a special person,” and then smiled. Then Seo Yoon-ah asked directly, “Are we dating? Then?” Kim Dong-wan began by saying, “We are a little bit.” Kim Dong-wan's subsequent answer continues to the next week and stimulates curiosity.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google