Park Ji-hyun “I gained 7kg for my detective character”
Park Ji-hyun “I gained 7kg for my detective character”
A written interview with Park Ji-hyun, who is anticipating a new life character breakthrough through SBS' new Friday-Saturday drama 'Chaebol X Detective', has been released.

SBS' new Friday-Saturday drama 'Chaebol

In the drama, Park Ji-hyeon plays the role of Lee Kang-hyeon, an 'investigation geek' who loves investigating the best and the leader of Gangha Police Station's first violent team. In particular, Lee Kang-hyeon, who became an investigative partner with Jin I-soo (played by Ahn Bo-hyun), the '3rd generation tycoon', is expected to develop a great partnership as he starts to get caught up in Jin I-soo's pace of solving cases in unexpected ways.

Park Ji-hyun said about the reason she decided to appear in 'Chaebol “I have decided to do so,” he said.

Regarding the situation where 'Chaebol He expressed his confidence, saying, “It is an attractive work that encompasses many genres.”

Park Ji-hyun gained sensational popularity as the elegant eldest daughter-in-law of a chaebol family in her previous work, 'The Youngest Son of a Chaebol Family.' Accordingly, the fact that she has returned from 'the daughter-in-law of a chaebol family' to 'the investigative partner of a third generation chaebol family' is also a source of interest. Regarding this, Park Ji-hyun said, "When I heard that I was doing a drama called 'Chaebol “I’m very excited to show off a new character, but I’m also nervous and nervous because it’s my first time acting as a detective, so it’s not easy,” he said honestly.

Next, Park Ji-hyun revealed the process of creating the girl-crush detective 'Lee Kang-hyeon' in 'Chaebol Park Ji-hyun said, "First of all, the director and writer said they wanted Kang-hyeon, a police officer, to look stronger on the outside, so I gained about 7kg. However, I am disappointed that his constitution is not as obvious as I thought. Also, Kang-hyeon's speech style is different from the characters I have drawn before. The accent was quite different, so I practiced various breathing and vocalizations to express a charismatic and skillful detective. It was my first time doing action acting, so I practiced at action school to the point where I got used to it. Although there were many difficult points, I did my best. “I’ve worked hard, so I hope you’ll watch it carefully,” he said, raising expectations for his unconventional acting transformation.

Park Ji-hyun and Ahn Bo-hyun's previous work, 'Yumi's Cells', perfectly portrayed a camouflaged male-female relationship and drew positive responses from numerous viewers. As a result, attention is focused on the acting chemistry with Ahn Bo-hyun, whom he met again. Park Ji-hyun said, "When I saw actor Ahn Bo-hyun showing off the best action scenes on set, I was amazed at his exercise experience and sense, and at the same time, I felt envious. I also thought that from now on, I should exercise from time to time and practice action acting." “I was very lucky that the role of Jin Yi-soo in the play was played by Ahn Bo-hyun. Ahn Bo-hyun is the type of person who always carries other people’s burdens on set, so thanks to that, I was able to film comfortably and happily. So I feel sorry and grateful.” “If we meet in a work, I want to become an actor who can lighten the burden of Ahn Bo-hyun by showing a little more growth,” he said, raising expectations for a new and perfect collaboration between the two actors through ‘Chaebol X Detective’.

Park Ji-hyun also talked about teamwork with the powerful team 1 members Ahn Bo-hyun, Kang Sang-jun (played by Park Joon-young), and Kim Shin-bi (played by Choi Kyeong-jin), saying, "Perhaps because we spent a lot of time together before filming started, we were very comfortable in the beginning of filming, and now we are like family. Because of this atmosphere, we are very comfortable together." “I think they were able to come up with and exchange endless ideas with each other on set. I think teamwork is really the best,” he said, raising his thumbs up, raising expectations for their cheerful and exciting team play.

Lastly, Park Ji-hyun said, "First of all, 'Chaebol “There will be exciting developments unfolding, so please give us a lot of interest and love.”

‘Chaebol It will be aired for the first time at 10 PM on the 26th.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google