Lee Jeong battles kidney cancer after only one year of marriage, "My heart breaks even more when I see my wife."
Lee Jeong battles kidney cancer after only one year of marriage, "My heart breaks even more when I see my wife."
The ‘Star Shooting Star Flea Market’ opened by father and son Jay-Won and Jun-Beom ended successfully.

The 509th episode of KBS2's entertainment show 'The Return of Superman' (hereinafter referred to as 'Superman'), which aired on the 9th, was the 'Our Happy Times' episode and was decorated with narration by So Yoo-jin and Max Chang-min. Among them, Jay-Won and Jun-Beom and his wife opened a 'shooting star flea market' at their home ahead of their move, and Park Seul-gi, Bae Yoon-jung, and Woo Hye-rim visited as guests and it was well-attended. Brothers Dam-ho and Do-ho welcomed the new year by making dumplings with their father Pil-mo Lee's best friends, The One and Uncle Lee Jeong.

On this day, before moving, Jay opened a flea market by gathering various childcare items that Junbeom had used since he was born. Among them, Junbeom raised his arms and clapped his hands, transforming into a perfect part-time worker, creating a feeling of satisfaction. Park Seul-gi then appeared with her husband and 47-month-old daughter Soye. Among them, J.Written activated the 'bitter jumma' mode and opened the stage for parenting talk with Park Seul-gi, who is seven months pregnant with her second child.

Park Seul-gi drew attention by confessing the pain of her second pregnancy, saying, “I had several miscarriages, so I deliberately did not tell people around me in the early stages of pregnancy,” and revealed that she is currently going out in good health. Park Seul-gi then began shopping in earnest, repeatedly saying, “Oh my, I have to buy this,” and making people laugh with her busy big hands. In particular, Park Seul-gi's daughter So-ye looked at Jun-beom and said, "He's so cute, he looks like a puppy," making the viewers smile.

Then, choreographer Bae Yoon-jeong appeared with her 30-month-old son Jaeyul, making the flea market very crowded. As always, Jay had a parenting talk with Bae Yun-jeong, and Bae Yoon-jeong said, “Jaeyul was sent to daycare when she was 9 months old, and her depression disappeared after that. “This is the way for the child and the mother to survive,” she said, and shared her experience of experiencing postpartum depression despite her love for the child, but wisely overcoming it. Bae Yoon-jung then confessed her plans for a second child, saying, “It’s okay if it’s a daughter.” Jay wrote various health care foods for Bae Yoon-jeong, and the flea market, which seemed to have become a home shopping site, brought laughter.

The last guest was Woo Hye-rim, a member of Wonder Girls, who appeared with her Taekwondo player husband Shin Min-cheol and son Si-woo. Si-woo and Jun-beom are friends of the same age and are born in the year of the tiger, and their chemistry exploded just by meeting each other. Si-woo understood the English spoken by his mother, Hye-rim, and surprised Jay by showing off agile kicks that resembled the DNA of his father, Shin Min-cheol.

Jay wrote, “Junbeom kicks too!” and ignited his competitive spirit, while Junbeom showed off his cuteness with a loud roar along with a new concept of kicking where he sits down and stretches his feet. In addition, Junbeom lifted a picture book larger than his own body at once, showing off his 'strength' ability that no one can beat.

Damho, who underwent adenoid enlargement surgery last month, returned to a healthy appearance with a successful surgery and exploded with energy. In addition, 16-month-old Do-ho showed off his babbling and dancing skills, and the sight of Dam-ho and Do-ho growing steadily gave a sense of satisfaction. Next, Dad Lee Pil-mo's best friends, The One and Lee Jeong, appeared. Lee Jeong expressed his curiosity by saying, “All the luggage belongs to the children?”, and The One also said, “Everything is centered around the children,” and was surprised by the change in the home of his friend Pil-mo Lee, who was unmarried.

Among these, Damho personally prepared coffee for his uncles. Dam-ho, who transformed into a little barista, showed off his youthful charm by pressing the button on the coffee machine, and Lee Jeong said, “How can you be so pretty? “How much prettier will you be when you see me?” I fell in love with the lovely appearance of brothers Dam-ho and Do-ho.

Pilmo Lee suggested making dumplings to The One and Lee Jeong. The One grumbled, “I invited you for the first time since I got married and told you to make dumplings,” but he obediently headed to the kitchen. Contrary to his words, he was surprisingly skillful with a knife, chopping chives and preparing the ingredients, drawing admiration. In addition, The One and Lee Jeong, who were guests, took over the kitchen instead of Lee Pil-mo, who left the kitchen to play with Dam-ho and Do-ho, and the situation where the guests turned over caused laughter. Damho also challenged himself to make dumplings, shouting, “I’m confident.” Damho showed off his creativity by shaping dumplings into tortilla shapes, and even added a sticky expression while eating the dumplings, saying, “It’s chewy and soft,” which made people laugh.

On this day, Lee Jeong-eun watched the three fathers, Pil-mo Lee, Dam-ho, and Do-ho, and said, “Seeing the children at home makes me want to have children too. He said, “I’m planning to have a daughter,” and was completely captivated by the charms of Damho and Doho, and surprisingly revealed his plans for a second generation. Lee Jeong also shared the news that he had recently suffered from stage 1 kidney cancer and said, “My wife was really surprised. “It was even more heartbreaking to see them not showing off,” he said, adding that he went through a big problem in the early days of his marriage, but is now healthy and fully recovered.

In addition, Lee Jeong personally filmed and edited a video containing footage of brothers Dam-ho and Do-ho and gave a gift to Lee Pil-mo's father, who is currently in a nursing hospital.

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