Kim Jae-woo "♥Jo Yuri's health deteriorated due to lack of postpartum care"
Kim Jae-woo "♥Jo Yuri's health deteriorated due to lack of postpartum care"
The concerns of comedian Kim Jae-woo and his wife Jo Yuri will be revealed in Channel A's 'Oh Eun-young's Golden Counseling Center', which is scheduled to air at 8:10 pm today (9th).

Comedian Kim Jae-woo says, “Bad things happen to people unexpectedly,” and talks about carefully sending his child away. At the time, his wife's health deteriorated because she was unable to provide postpartum care, and he seemed upset, saying he felt like it was his fault. In response, Yuri Jo confessed that because her husband was ignorant of the financial aspect, she thought, 'This person won't be able to do anything' if she ever leaves him. She shed tears saying that she left 'card password and OTP usage instructions' in a letter for her husband when he was sick, and that she hoped her husband would learn how to stand on his own.

In response, Dr. Oh Eun-young comforts the couple's deep pain after losing their child, and points out the importance of today's counseling, saying that they need to know how it is affecting them now for their future lives.

Dr. Oh Eun-young asks the two how long it took them to admit that they had sent their child away. In response, Kim Jae-woo says, “I still don’t think I have acknowledged it,” and his eyes turn red as he remembers what he had to do, from deleting the child from the family register to seeing his face on the way. Meanwhile, Jo Yu-ri recalls how she became sensitive because she was having a hard time at the time, and had a big fight with Kim Jae-woo and then ran out of the house. After wandering outside for a while, I had nowhere else to go, so I went to a place that held memories with my child. There, I ran into Kim Jae-woo, hugged him, and cried. In response, Kim Jae-woo said, “It felt like my son was calling me not to fight,” making everyone cry.

MC Lee Yoon-ji, who heard the two people's story, said, "I also had a miscarriage three times in one year." Although she felt guilty and wanted to give up, she sympathizes with the pain of Kim Jae-woo and Jo Yuri, saying that she did not give up because she received strength from her husband and first child. Next, MC Park Na-rae confessed, “I knew about the couple’s story, but I couldn’t even feel sorry for contacting them,” and with tears in her eyes, she said that she was grateful that Kim Jae-woo had contacted her recently. In response, Dr. Eunyoung Oh gives comforting advice to the couple, explaining that difficult times are not something to overcome, but rather to be dealt with by going through them together.

Next, Dr. Eunyoung Oh mentions the results of Jo Yuri's sentence completion test, which was previously tested. Jo Yuri explains that she has a 'fear that her loved ones may leave her if her health deteriorates' and that she is in a state of severe 'health anxiety'. Next, Dr. Oh Eun-young asks, “Is Jo Yu-ri’s physical condition still not good?” Kim Jae-woo then reveals that his wife neglected her sick body, but started exercising late after being diagnosed at the hospital as having "the same physical condition as that of an eighty-year-old man." In response, Jo Yuri shows her upset by saying that she neglected her body out of a feeling of helplessness and not wanting to do anything, and her fingers became bent. Afterwards, no matter how much she exercised and tried, she could not get her body back to its previous state.

After hearing this, Dr. Oh Eun-young asks Jae-woo Kim and Yu-ri Cho how they got through the difficult times. Kim Jae-woo then reveals that he is comforting others who are going through the same pain through social media, and Jo Yuri is donating to children in need. Accordingly, Dr. Eun-young Oh analyzes that Kim Jae-woo has a 'humor' defense mechanism that relieves emotional difficulties through laughter, and Jo Yuri has a 'sublimation' defense mechanism that seeks to understand and help others' pain, and that both of them are enduring pain in a healthy way. .

Meanwhile, Dr. Oh Eun-young perfectly analyzes the reason why Kim Jae-woo had no choice but to rely on Jo Yuri. He then gave the couple Kim Jae-woo and Jo Yuri a silver magic filled with deep consolation, and is said to have given them the strength to move forward. You can see through today's broadcast what Dr. Oh Eun-young's Eun-young magic will be for the couple Kim Jae-woo and Jo Yuri.

<Oh Eun-young's Golden Counseling Center>, a mental care program that solves the various concerns of everyone in the world, from 0 to 100 years old, will be broadcast on Channel A at 8:10 pm on Tuesday, January 9th.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google