'Adventure By Accident 3' once again broke its highest viewership rating, including all seasons, in 2024.
'Adventure By Accident 3' once again broke its highest viewership rating, including all seasons, in 2024.
MBC's 'Adventure By Accident 3' once again broke its own highest viewer ratings in 2024, including the previous season. Additionally, the 2049 viewership rating was the highest among Season 3, marking a brilliant start to 2024.

Kian84, Pani Bottle, and Dex enjoyed a 'solo trip' in Madagascar, each bringing different laughter and emotion. The charm of the 'Three Brothers', which was different from when they were together, had the magic of 'wiping out' the running time, and the sympathetic reactions of Jang Do-yeon, Simon Dominic, and Lee Seung-hoon at the right time doubled the laughter.

Kian84 attended 'Famadihana', a traditional funeral ceremony in Madagascar, and captured the hearts of local people as a 'filial dancer'. Gian 84, who enjoyed 'Famadhihana' with all his heart and became one with the locals, showed the true nature of 'Daesang 84' as a true traveler. Although the way of expressing it is different, the appearance of Kian84, who felt that the essence of the mind toward 'death' is not much different, left a great impression on the viewers.

In the 6th episode of MBC's 'Around the World Season 3' (hereinafter 'Around the World 3'), which aired at 9:10 pm on the 7th, on the 7th day of the trip to Madagascar, they left the capital Antananarivo (hereinafter Tana) and went to 'Antsirabe'. Before arriving, images of Kian84, Panibottle, and Dex enjoying a solo trip were revealed.

According to Nielsen Korea, a viewership rating research company, the viewership rating for 'Around the World 3' aired on this day was 7.3% in the metropolitan area, once again breaking its own record including the previous season. The 2049 viewership rating, which is a key indicator for advertising officials and a key indicator of channel competitiveness, also recorded 3.2% (based on the metropolitan area), achieving the highest viewership rating in season 3.

The best minute was the scene where Kian84 visited the site of ‘Famadihana’, a traditional funeral ceremony in Madagascar. Gian84 expressed his gratitude to the local people who welcomed him, a stranger, with a smile, and felt the 'Famadhihana' he was curious about with his whole body. Although it was a funeral ceremony, the Bundang viewership rating rose to 9.1% due to the performance of Kian84, who wholeheartedly enjoyed the atmosphere of the village festival-like scene.

'Famadihana', which means 'return of the dead', is a traditional funeral custom in Madagascar where the bereaved family gathers at the grave, changes the cloth of the deceased, and remembers, reminisces, and says goodbye to their loved ones. After passing the off-road that causes motion sickness, Kian84 arrived at the place where 'Famadhihana' was in progress and was surprised by the atmosphere of the scene, which was like a village festival.

On this day, Jean-Claude, the director of Pharmadihana, expressed his gratitude for his interest in Madagascar's culture and welcomed Gian84, a stranger, with a smile. Among the locals dancing to the music of the orchestra, Kian84 transformed into a 'filial dancer' and repaid the hospitality of 'Jean-Claude' by dancing so much that he sweated profusely. The sight of the whole village sharing beef soup and rice together and the scenery heading toward the grave reminded me of our holidays and graves.

In a festive atmosphere, the entrance to the tomb was opened, and bodies to be clothed began to come out. Among the family members who greeted the deceased brightly, Kian84 was overcome by subtle emotions as he found people embracing those they had missed and pouring out the sadness they had endured.

In a scene where joy and sadness coexist, Kian84 could not take his eyes off them, saying, “It was a feeling that was primal and faithful to instinct.” Simon Dominic and Jang Do-yeon were moved to tears while watching the video, and viewers also shared their sadness. He delivered the condolence money he had prepared in advance to Jean-Claude and said goodbye with a hug. Gian84 moved to Antsirabe, feeling the warmth of the locals who treated strangers from far away like family.

Panibottle and Dex brought a lot of laughter by showing their polar opposite journeys. Dex attracted attention by visiting a laundry site in Madagascar and using the laundry skills he learned in the intense days of Varanasi, India. Also, for a comfortable travel, we took a premium bus to Antsirabe, where we received a lot of attention from the Madagascar MZ girls. In particular, we had a talk full of laughter with the MZ girls who spoke Korean, and made memories in a short period of time. Panibottle tried to communicate closely with locals by using the local bus to Antsirabe in 'professional traveler' mode, but it was not easy. He brought out the atmosphere by sharing ice cream and snacks as if he had rang a golden bell. The sight of Pani Bottle, who burst into anger(?) at the sight of Dex, whose mere presence was a 'gift' to the locals, caused laughter.

Next week, while the appearance of the 'Three Brothers' is expected to explode dopamine at a manual amusement park in Madagascar and intuit the Madagascar bullfight 'Savika', which is on Dex's bucket list, 'hidden colleague' Lee Si-eon will appear.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr
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