A dangerous love triangle with Park Ji-hoon and Hong Ye-ji
A dangerous love triangle with Park Ji-hoon and Hong Ye-ji
The relationship between Park Ji-hoon and Hong Ye-ji changes rapidly.

In the 2nd episode of KBS2's Monday-Tuesday drama 'Fantasy Sonata', which airs on the 8th, Sa Jo-hyeon, his alter egos Ak-hee (played by Park Ji-hoon) and Yeon-wol (played by Hong Ye-ji) reunite and face an unexpected situation, and a new episode unfolds.

In the first episode that aired earlier, the meeting between Sajo Hyeon, who makes costumes while hiding his identity at a clothing store in the low street, and Yeonwol, who lives as Gye Ra, a member of an assassin group, was depicted. They met for the first time in their childhood as the son of a traitor and the daughter of the royal family on the night the Yeon family was massacred and became enemies. As time passed, attention was focused on the change in the relationship between the two people, who did not recognize each other and formed a new relationship.

Sajo Hyeon's other personality, Akhui, also ran into Yeonwol and was attracted to her belligerent appearance. In particular, when asked by Yeonwol about his identity, Akhee replied, "Me? Your man," showing the so-called straight-faced man in a historical drama.

In the 2nd and 3rd episodes of 'Fantasy Sonata', which will be broadcast on this day and the 9th, the mysterious and dangerous love triangle between Sajo Hyeon, Akhee, and Yeonwol will be depicted in earnest. Attention is focused on the story of Yeon-wol, who does not know that Sajo-hyeon and Ak-hee are different personalities, and who has lost her memory, and Ak-hee, who loves Yeon-wol and tries to keep her by her side.

It raises curiosity about what kind of variable Sajo Hyeon, whose body was stolen while he was sleeping, will act as a factor in Akhee's plan. Furthermore, Ak-hee is said to be desperately fighting against sleep in order to solidify her relationship with Yeon-wol, so attention is being paid to how the love triangle between the three people who cannot coexist in one place will develop.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter kkk39@tenasia.co.kr translated by google