'Goryeo Georen War', Choi Soo-jong opens his eyes and Ji Seung-hyun's guerrilla succeeds, breaking the highest viewership rating of 10.2%
'Goryeo Georen War', Choi Soo-jong opens his eyes and Ji Seung-hyun's guerrilla succeeds, breaking the highest viewership rating of 10.2%
'Goryeo Khitan War' presented a thrilling catharsis to the small screen with the guerrilla battle between Yang Gyu and Kim Sook-heung.

In the 15th episode of the KBS 2TV historical drama 'Goryeo Khitan War' (written by Lee Jeong-woo, directed by Jeon Woo-seong and Kim Han-sol), a special project for the 50th anniversary of the public broadcasting broadcast on the 6th, Yang-gyu (Ji Seung-hyun) successfully launched a surprise attack against the Khitan army, which had begun its withdrawal through the Gwiju Gorge. (played by Joo Yeon-woo) and Kim Sook-heung (played by Joo Yeon-woo) were depicted.

The 15th episode's viewer rating was 10.2% (provided by Nielsen Korea, nationwide), which not only broke its own highest viewership rating, but also ranked first among weekend dramas broadcast at the same time slot. In particular, the scene in which So Bae-Ap orders the Khitan army to withdraw proved to be a hot topic as it soared to the highest viewership rating of 11.4% (nationwide).

On this day, Hyeonjong (played by Kim Dong-jun), who went to Mongjin again, sent Wonjeong (played by Lee Sia) to his maternal family's village and said goodbye. King Hyeonjong, who declared that he could no longer sacrifice innocent people and returned to his civilian clothes, crossed the treacherous mountains and rivers and headed for Gongju. Kim Eun-bu (Cho Seung-yeon), a princess thief who greeted the Mongjin procession, guided King Hyeonjong and the ministers to his government office.

Wonseong (Ha Seung-ri), who saw Hyeonjong for the first time, asked his mother to let him into the bedroom, saying that he wanted to be appointed by the emperor and carry out his father Kim Eun-bu's will. Wonseong also said that he would make clothes for Hyeonjong and asked him to accept him out of consideration for his sincerity, saying, “I told you that when an important guest comes to the house, the owner of the house will give his daughter away.”

However, Wonseong fell to his knees and shed tears when Hyeonjong became angry and demanded that Kim Eunbu be brought in immediately. She asked that her father not be punished, and apologized for committing a great sin of insulting his nature, saying that he was a loyal subject who always wanted to change Goryeo.

Meanwhile, So Bae-ap (played by Kim Jun-bae) rebelled against Yayul Yong-seo (played by Kim Hyuk), who ordered the army to march, saying that he could not follow his will. He said, “The emperor of the Khitan is a person who has to fight wars throughout his life. The opportunity will come again. “One day, we will definitely bring Goryeo to its knees,” he said, once again recommending withdrawal of troops.

After much deliberation, Yayul Yongseo decided to withdraw the army, took the loot and prisoners, and ordered Gaegyeong to be burned. So Bae-ap left Gaegyeong, hiding Kang Gam-chan (Choi Soo-jong) and his wife in the warehouse where they were hidden. Kang Gam-chan's wife (played by Yoon Bok-in) returned home and sobbed as she saw her husband unconscious and only letting out faint moans.

Kang Min-cheom (played by Lee Cheol-min) and Jo Ja-gi (played by Park Jang-ho), who came to look for Kang Gam-chan just then, told Kang Gam-chan, who opened his eyes, that the Khitan army was heading to Gwiju as planned, and that Yang Gyu was launching attacks every day. Even though Gang Gam-chan was having a hard time holding his own, he told the emperor to hurry up and bring him to Gaegyeong.

Yang Gyu, who heard the news that the Khitan army was withdrawing through Guizhou, launched an attack as the Khitan advance army passed through the canyon, creating a tense atmosphere. At Yang Gyu's attack signal, Kim Suk-heung and his soldiers launched an onslaught, firing arrows at the Khitan army in unison.

After hearing the tragic news that the entire 10,000 vanguard army had been annihilated in Yang Gyu's raid, Yayul Yungseo and Sobaeap were enraged by the fact that tens of thousands of Goryeo troops had established a camp blocking the road leading to the Gwiju plains. The two men, who instantly became like rats in a poison, decided to cross the mountainside with the Khitan army and prisoners.

Yang Gyu, who was strengthening his fighting spirit with the soldiers, said, “This is our last chance to attack the enemy,” and added, “We must rescue all the prisoners before they leave the foot of this mountain. “And we have to cut down at least one more enemy,” he said, taking the lead.

As the Goryeo prisoners captured by the Khitan army passed by the mountainside, Yang Gyu and Kim Suk-heung, who had been hiding in the forest, stood up and showered arrows, causing goosebumps in the onlookers. In particular, the scene where the three Goryeo troops took turns attacking the Khitan army and rescuing prisoners being taken to the Khitan army was extremely thrilling.

At the end of the broadcast, the 'counterattack ending', in which Yayul Yongseo, furious at Goryeo for toying with the Khitans, cuts off Yang Gyu's head and orders him to set a trap to deceive the Goryeo army by saying he will cross the Yalu River, hints at the desperate struggle between Goryeo and the Khitans that will unfold in the next episode. It raised expectations for soaring.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter wisdomart@tenasia.co.kr translated by google