Son Tae-jin, I looked into where he spent the 600 million won in prize money.
Son Tae-jin, I looked into where he spent the 600 million won in prize money.
Son Tae-jin of KBS' 'Immortal Song' makes a golden comeback by winning 600 million won in prize money.

KBS2's 'Immortal Songs' (directed by Park Min-jeong, Park Hyeong-geun, Kim Seong-min, and Park Young-kwang) is the strongest entertainment program that continues its 'Immortal World' status by ranking first in its time slot for 53 consecutive weeks. Episode 639, which airs today (6th), will feature part 2 of ‘Kim Soo-cheol and NEW Friends Special’.

When asked what has changed from before, Son Tae-jin, who made a golden comeback as a trot singer in Forte di Quattro with 'Immortal Songs', said, "The fan base has really expanded. “The sisters really welcome me and greet me,” he smiles. He then said that he feels a lot of love when he goes to a restaurant and says, “I order less, but I get more out of it,” earning MC Lee Chan-won’s sympathy.

Son Tae-jin, who has experience winning through 'Phantom Singer', is receiving attention for recently winning the trot audition program and winning 600 million won in prize money. When asked where he spent the prize money, Son Tae-jin said, “First of all, I was happy because I was able to pay a lot of taxes,” and “I spent a lot of money on people around me to express my gratitude.”

Among them, Son Tae-jin never forgets his affection for his parents, who worked the hardest for him. He said, “It’s not my card, it’s my card,” and he gave a card in his name to his parents who are currently overseas. Taejin Son said, “Sometimes a lot of things fly in. However, he says with a smile, “I’m working hard and feeling good, saying, ‘I did my duty.’” In particular, when MC Kim Jun-hyun said, “Can’t you just tell me to use it refreshingly?”, Son Tae-jin shook his head and said, “Now is the right time,” making everyone laugh.

On this day, Son Tae-jin captivates everyone's hearts with his passionate performance of 'Starry' over the performance of a 100-member Eastern and Western orchestra conducted by Kim Soo-cheol. Kim Soo-cheol shows special affection for Son Tae-jin and praises him as 'a singer who has the ability to sing everything, regardless of genre, and who knows how to sing deliciously.' Son Tae-jin also expresses his honor, saying that he wants to emulate Kim Soo-cheol, who runs with passion for a long time. Kim Soo-cheol also promised, “Someday, I might ask Son Tae-jin to write a good song and sing it.”

In particular, the tall Son Tae-jin, who was also on stage that day, spread his legs wide for the 'little giant' Kim Soo-cheol and demonstrated the so-called 'mannered legs', drawing laughter. It is said that Kim Soo-cheol looked at this with satisfaction and said, “But bigger is better,” and helped Son Tae-jin up to warm up the atmosphere.

'Immortal Songs' planned the 'Kim Soo-cheol and Friends Special' as a project to repay the viewers who showed great love in 2023 and to cheer for a powerful new start in 2024. 'Little Giant' Kim Soo-cheol, who is considered a genius artist who left a huge mark on domestic music history, is creating a long-awaited 'dream stage' through this special feature.

This 'Immortal Song - Kim Soo-cheol and NEW Friends Special' will begin the year 2024 with a splendid start through Part 2, which will air today (the 6th), following Part 1, which aired on the 30th (Saturday). 'Immortal Songs', which creates legendary videos that you want to watch again every episode, is broadcast every Saturday at 6:10 PM on KBS 2TV.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google