“Every day and every road is a red carpet to me”... Hyori Lee, a legend even as an MC
“Every day and every road is a red carpet to me”... Hyori Lee, a legend even as an MC
Singer Lee Hyori reserved the 'red carpet' route.

Hyori Lee successfully debuted as a solo MC on KBS2's 'The Seasons - Lee Hyori's Red Carpet' (hereinafter referred to as 'Red Carpet'), which first aired on the 5th. While the first episode was filled with a rich lineup including Shin Dong-yup, Lee Jeong-eun, AKMU's Lee Chan-hyuk, Blackpink's Jennie, and Dance Crew Bebe, Hyori Lee attracted attention with a customized hosting for each guest covering a variety of fields. The new host of KBS's late-night music talk show, which has been running for 30 years, chose Lee Hyori's 'Red Carpet' as a special reason.

▲ First solo MC… Hyori Lee’s endless learning in her 26th year since debut
Hyori Lee took on the role of MC for a music program 12 years after appearing on SBS' 'Jung Jaehyung and Lee Hyori You&I'. This is the first solo MC after 26 years of debut. Hyori Lee said, “I had a thirst for musical communication,” and said she wanted to share various stories with seniors and juniors in the entertainment industry.

The title of the program ‘Red Carpet’ was also suggested by Hyori Lee herself. It contains the hope that it will be like a gift on a special day for the performers and viewers, just like the main characters walking down a well-dressed path on a good day. Lee Hyori, who has always been a 'hot icon' since her debut, continues to learn by taking on another challenge rather than settling for the top.

▲ ‘Shin Dong-yeop → Jenny’ special lineup… ‘Guest Customization’ in progress
The first ‘Red Carpet’ boasted a special lineup that included singers, broadcasters, actors, and dance crews. The intersection of these was, of course, Lee Hyori. Shin Dong-yeop, who has been with Lee Hyo-ri for 23 years, showed off their fantastic chemistry with the 'Spicy' talk, Lee Chan-hyuk, who as a full-time MC for 'The Seasons' showed off his new song stage for the first time, and came out in support, came to KBS 7 years after his debut to meet Lee Hyo-ri. Jennie, who was visiting for the first time, actress Lee Jeong-eun, Hyo-ri Lee's acting teacher, and Bebe, a dance teacher belonging to Bada, boasted a special relationship.

Hyori Lee naturally relieved guests who were unfamiliar with appearing on music programs by telling them about past episodes. It left a deep impression with the 'guest-tailored' process, which pointed out each guest's recent activities and first proposed a dance challenge.

▲ The true value of ‘All-Time Legend’… Every moment is a ‘red carpet’
‘All-time legend’ Lee Hyori’s true value also shone. On this day, Hyori Lee sang ‘Full Moon’ and ‘To an Old Friend’ as the opening and closing stages, respectively. Like the lyrics "A night of new birth," Lee Hyo-ri's ambitions as a solo MC were demonstrated through a powerful performance in 'Full Moon', and Lee Hyo-ri's strong yet delicate emotional vocals were showcased on the stage of 'To an Old Friend', presenting conflicting charms. did. In particular, Lee Hyori showed off her status as an 'all-time legend' by briefly singing 'Miss Korea' with Jenny.

Lee Hyori also sent a letter to KBS after finishing the first broadcast. While Lee Hyori's unique wit shined, she conveyed her lingering emotions by saying, "Fin.K.L., and even now, every day and every path I walk into the studio has always been a red carpet for me."

Meanwhile, 'Red Carpet', in which Hyori Lee acts as the sole MC, is broadcast every Friday at 11:20 pm.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google