Yoo Se-yoon's wife "I want to marry Jang Dong-min in my next life."
Yoo Se-yoon's wife "I want to marry Jang Dong-min in my next life."
In the first episode of 'Nidonnaesan Dokbak Tour 2' (produced by Channel S), which airs at 8:20 pm on the 6th (Saturday), Kim Dae-hee The appearance of radiating is unfolding.

Dog Boxz, who arrived in downtown Hong Kong that day, heads to a local dim sum restaurant at Yoo Se-yoon's recommendation. Afterwards, the members who ordered a variety of dim sum presented a mukbang that stimulated the salivary glands. With their bellies full, Dog Boxz decides to play the 'Dog Box Game' where they bet 'meal money'. At this time, Yoo Se-yoon asks his wife or girlfriend, 'If you were to be reborn, which of the Dog Box members other than yourself would you want to marry?' He throws out the idea, “Why don’t you ask?” With the member who was mentioned the most agreeing to be the 'meal money guru', everyone sends text messages at the same time, and after a while, the fastest reply comes from Kim Jun-ho's girlfriend, Kim Ji-min.

Kim Jun-ho bowed his head, saying, “(Kim Ji-min) said, ‘How will you get the broadcast amount without me?’” It raises curiosity as to whether Kim Ji-min would have said that she would marry anyone other than Kim Jun-ho. After a while, Kim Dae-hee also receives a reply from his wife, saying, "My wife said, 'Please play a game among yourselves(?)'" and added, "My youngest daughter Gajeong is Yoo Se-yoon~", making everyone burst into laughter. Yoo Se-yoon responds with a clown smile, saying, “I will send you a gifticon.” On the other hand, Yoo Se-yoon continued the 'close match' by revealing, "My wife answered 'Jang Dong-min, who has both loyalty and brains.'" Interest is skyrocketing as to who will be the ‘happy’ soloist who is chosen the most by wives and girlfriends.

The first episode of Channel S's 'Nidonnaesan Dokbak Tour 2', which unfolds the ups and downs of the Hong Kong travel story of the five 'comedian Jinchin' who shout "It's okay if it's not just me!", will be broadcast at 8:20 pm on the 6th (Saturday).

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google